You won’t believe the transformation of former Paralympic athlete Oscar Pistorius after his imprisonment!

Pistorius superior Modeling Reeva Steenkamp fired Valentine’s night in 2013. He claimed his innocence from the start, but he shot in self-defense because he thought the thief had reached his home. His claims were questioned by police, acquaintances of the couple, the deceased’s parents and forensic experts. In 2015, he was convicted of murder and sentenced to 13 years and five months in prison.

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his father Interview with Henk Pistorius via The Times has been introduced He found new meaning in prison life. Not only did he become a gardener, but he also became a believer. He leads a group of Bible studies and prayers at the facility where he rests.

My son has changed himself and his life for the better. While in prison, he stood ready to serve other prisoners, providing them with a Christian education and bringing hope to all who needed it. ” Introduced by Oscar’s father.

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you are pistorius After odpykaní half interest podla juhoafrických zákonov pokát o pomienéčné puštění. Therefore, the request can be brought to the court as early as the next deadline. An interesting item is part of a conditional release. Súd ho zaviazal, aby sa várou vár met the rejected Reeva’s family.

Lawyer for the Steenkamp family Introduce to the media that it is already the father Levi, Barry Steenkamp meets Pistorius on June 22nd. South Africa has an awning “akt diaku medzi obeťom a páchateľom” viac ako válizní. Even before that, ako bude mát páchateľ was entitled to conditional release.

They (Barry and June) felt that Reeva had a voice. Sú hlasom ich dőryy a spravia vlosto, cho bude v ich silách, so that the world will not forget Reev,” Steenkamps attorney Tania Koen said.

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