You upload an Instagram to announce the end of your career!Sebastian Vettel bids farewell to Formula 1 at end of season

BERLIN – One of the most famous pilots today shocked the F1 world! Four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel has announced the end of his storied career.

He dominated with Red Bull but failed to imitate Schumacher

The ‘father’ of today’s F1 pilot has announced the end of his career via Instagram.Formula World Shocked Vettel I decided to start a social network, but then I figured out why it’s so expensive. After the past few hours, it has become clear to us that the four-time world champion has decided to announce the end of his great career.This year’s season will be brought forward Vettel This is the last one.

The 30-year-old German F1 pilot had his best time in the stables Order bullhe won 4 maestrovské tituly matches are only given occasional opportunities.during his tenure Order bull non-hereditary Vettel In miláčikov startového roštu, his desire to win is many times stronger than his need to stay within the playing field. Many times he got into controversial situations (like the famous “Multi 21” race) that didn’t really help the German pilot in the eyes of fans.

after many years of success Order bull coming Vettel Transfer to a famous team Ferrarikde bolo Vettelovým cielom napodobniť vyštěchy svoj vozru Michaela Schumacher. also Schumacher wanted Vettel Establish Ferrari naspät na nohy became the head of the legendary motorsport, but sadly he failed to win the title.

The closest were 2017 and 2018, when Ferrari It was finally able to vyrovnaťdominantnému Mercedes, but in the end he didn’t make it due to his own mistakes.He received the title of Master Vettel It’s not a gift, it’s gradually starting to get something more valuable, but it hurts the hearts of fans across the formula world. Momenty ako presunite stop sign with controversial number 1 after venture capital Canada alebo ťuknutie to the monopost of Lewis Hamilton Driving behind the safety car will definitely stay in the memory of all racing fans.

after non-fulfillment Ferrari give up Vettel inou cestume a transpuit do rozrastaujőce sa tímu Aston Martin, in which he worked until recently.during his tenure Aston Martin Savitel became the “father” of the formula world, and his environmental activism not only attracted many fans.During his illustrious career, he won Vettel 4 titles, 53 titles, 122 podiums.


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