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In an emotional but light-hearted press conference, Slovenian football coach Vladimir Weiss said he might not be on the bench even in the event of a defeat. “I’m emotional but everything has my limits. I appreciate the trust of the owners and the support of the fans.”

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The coach of Slovenian Vladimir Weiss and the club’s general manager Ivan Kermotric as a young man in the final penalty shootout against Mostar.

After being narrowly eliminated in the Champions League with Ferencváros and Europa League with Olympiacos, the Slovenian finished third with vytúženého.

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The hero of this matchup was striker Eric Ramirez, who opened the scoring in the 67th minute and tied the score at 2:1 with a “scissorhands” goal in the 2nd minute of extra time. Sent to a penalty shootout. But on him Slav zvíťazil 6:5.

“For Ramirez’s emotion, desire and beautiful goal, and the nerves in the penalty shootout, we deserve to get promoted. I don’t like to talk about happiness, but sometimes you need a little happiness,” Weiss said.

He also thanked the spectators, who created an exciting atmosphere, as he did after previous European Cup matches.

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“Judia was very injured under Vladi and Olympiacos. That’s why football should be played, that’s what it looks like in the stands. People are in a trance, they’re calm, but thanks to that little bit of emotion , even the players. The people gave us strength until the end, but we were able to repay them with our performances.”

Tréner belasých viackrát mentioned the success of Viktoria Plzeň, which has reached the group stage of the Champions League and will face Bayern, Barcelona and Inter Milan.

“Bilson can qualify for the Champions League, why can’t Sloven do it? It’s about hard robots, vybere players, trust and a relationship with the club,” Weiss said.

Útočníkov Ramirezova predicted he would score two goals in the match. “I swear, I’ve told him. Helped the team, helped myself. Sebadovira is important in the striker, but I’m sure he’ll get back to where he was as a DAC Dunajská Streda player,” he praised the game people.

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He also showed a red card for industrious midfielder Jabkankavu, which weakened the team in the 118th minute, making it a 1-1 draw.

“He didn’t make unnecessary mistakes, but I trust him because he has an incredible character. Super’s players insulted his poor mother, but that’s okay,” Weiss explained why he was excluded.

On a related issue, Sloven will be the second performance basket seed in Friday’s draw, and the coach has not forgiven the hint of what could happen if he loses. “I have absolutely no idea, but I didn’t even think about what he was allowed to eat. If we couldn’t do it, it would be miserable in another basket.”

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In any case, the draw for the UEFA League Base Group will be on Friday at 2.30pm on our live online in Istanbul, Turkey.

In the autumn, Slovenian can face big names in European football such as Villarreal, West Ham or Slavia Prague. “We don’t affect the draw. Whatever they choose there, we’ll play against them,” Weiss concluded.

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