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Aug. 8, 2022 ( – Eight of the 19 Slovenian athletes nominated for the August European Championships in Munich, Germany, made their appearance in the third round of the Martine Athletics League on Saturday.

Viktória Forster won the 100-meter sprint (11.75 seconds) and the 110-meter hurdles with the third-best time of her career (13.30 seconds).

Ladenie formy na Mníchov

Sprinter Šimon Bujna, who also had two victories, managed to “hundreds” (10.52 seconds), but also double courses (21.57 seconds). Several shows were affected by strong winds.

“Victoria started the race after a month-long break to get ready for the upcoming European Championships in Munich. The obstacles were good, the stallion only ran for 30 minutes after the obstacles, it was more like training in front of her” Forster’s performance was assessed by coach Katarína Adlerová ahead of the Top Athletics.

Bujn’s trainer, Radoslav Ivan, also remained calm about his pet’s performance: Šimon finished the game well trained. Due to the weather and the fatigue accumulated throughout the week, I was calm about the show. Next week, our task is to rest and get back in shape in Munich. “

Úspech AO TJ Slavia

Eighth athlete Gabriela Gajanova won in Martinet in the first 400m (55.75 seconds) of the season, with Patrik Dömötör the best of its kind for men (49.33 s) but finished third in the 400m hurdles (53.02 s) with second Matej Baluch (52.45 s).

Miroslav Marček third “two hundred” (21.86 s) A pious na “hundreds” (10.57 seconds). Veronika Kaňuchová dominated the Hammers race with fifth best arm performance (66.80m), while Ema Hačundová won the chodecky race over 5,000m (23:50.91min). Among men and women, the most successful members of the club AO TJ Slávia STU Bratislava are.

Suranova broke her record

Slovenian athletes also competed in two international events. Martin Kučera finished third in the 400-meter hurdles with a time of 51.22 seconds at the Lohrheide meeting in Bochum-Wattenscheid, Germany. One second shy of his season high.

“I didn’t feel bad, but I probably paid more for the game. On June 30, I had a break in the Diamond League in Stockholm. I don’t know what was wrong, but I know it didn’t end well. Sadly, I don’t have a video of the last game, but neither I nor the coach can find where I lost hundreds. If nothing else, at least I tested the competitive atmosphere in front of me,” Tell Top Athletics.

At the 16th Annual International Conference in Andorra, Austria, Karin Suranová set a new personal record with a time of 2:50.76 by placing fourth in the 1000m.

She is eighth overall on this circuit in Slovenian history. Zverenkyňa Marcela Lopuchovského ranked Klocová (2:38.72), Gajanová (2:41.58), Čerchlanová (2:43.45), Melicherovová (2:45.13/halla), J. Kučeríková (2:46.44), Sedláková (2:46.90/ ) after the hall) and Močáriová (2:49.07).

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