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Slovenský futbalový represents Ivan Schranz at the hospital.


An injured Ivan Schlanz from Slavia left the pitch on a stretcher.

The 20-year-old winger from Slavia Prague did not finish in their fourth Europa League match against Kosovo side Barkani (3:2).

At the end of the game, unikayuchő Schranza fouls Sinani from behind. As he played, he put his knee on the Slovakian’s head.

The front winger of Petržalky, Trnavy or Jablona left the pitch on a stretcher in the 80th minute.

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“Ivan was better than he looked after the game. He still needs to be exonerated.

I don’t want to cover it up, but it shouldn’t be serious,” Slavia head coach Kindrich Terpisovski told a post-match news conference.

Schlantz spent the night in Prague’s Central Military Hospital. Slavia boss Jaroslav Tvrdík provided more information on his bet on Twitter.

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“Veľmi smutné sparva. Ivan Schranz hospitalized in neurochirurgii ÚVN with head and spinal cord injuries.

Ivan, cross your fingers, I dare! Unfortunately, we will lose another key player this fall,” Tvrdík wrote.

Slovenia national team coach Francesco Calzona was not absent when he nominated Schlanz for the first time in the Nations League games against Azerbaijan and Belarus.

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