Verstappen doesn’t give Ferrari a chance, but wins Miami VC

MIAMI – Verstappen continues his impressive record, winning every race he hasn’t shown his car so far this season. He got his third win of the season in Miami.

In the game, Red Bull is stronger

maximum Verstappen but yes Red Bull šliapu per unit!Famozny Dutch He took advantage of a good start after which he was immediately ahead of Carlos Sainz But he started Charles’ race Leclerc.

Verstappen speed Leclerc One Dutch Didn’t wait too long for his chance. Verstappen He used his advantage on the slopes but took the lead with relative ease Leclerc. Leclerc He tried to hold on but was slow, but the World Lord was able to pull away and build a safe lead.

Oživenie comparativ nudných pretekov brought by Havalya Gasly One Norriswhich brought the safety car to the track. Ferrari no option to use prezuť na nové pneumatika, čem mohli to create poriadny tlak na Verstappen. in the last 10 rounds Leclerc before trying to come back VerstappenExcellent Dutch He was able to defend and end up with his third win of the season.He reached the finish line in second place Leclerc But his colleague Carlos finished third Sainz.

Smolné pretéky before dvoch Nemtsov

A very sad moment can be seen in VC’s loneliness summary Miami. Sebastian Vettel He has shown many times that he cares about Mick Schumacher family a ich hähähný váchná sa dá prázná za výros dobrý, but in the final rounds, only two German separate.

Both need a good result, but they are fighting for bodované priečky, not Mick Tried to pass Vettel, was actually a rider Aston Martin shot down, but they both lost the chance to stab. Schumacher Even in F1, he didn’t score, but in Miami Seems like he’s very young German mohol zabodovať for the first time.


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