UEFA Champions League: Marseille-Eintracht Frankfurt will take steps

Marseille. Authorities in France’s Rhône region took special measures ahead of Tuesday’s Champions League match between Marseille and Frankfurt.

This was their reaction to the recent events leading up to the Europa League (EKL) game between Nice, France and Germany 1. FC Kolín (1:1).

The Stade Velodrome has 3,300 seats reserved for fans. However, the German club announced that another 5,000 fans, including those from a tough voyage, were ready to go without a ticket.

To reduce the risk of clashes, they will not be able to approach the scene, but official Eintracht buses will be escorted by police.

Kompetentní joined the step to prevent clashes between the supporters of the two clubs. Also, in most cities, alcoholic beverages will not be served from 2:00 pm until kick-off (9:00 pm).

There were a number of game-changing incidents in France’s Ligue 1 last season. With Liverpool and Real Madrid (0-1) undecided in the Champions League final in Paris, concerns have grown over the country’s ability to organise world-class competition.

France will next host the Rugby World Cup and will host the two-year Olympics. Information provided by The Associated Press.

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