Triathlon: Zuzana Michaličková to start at EC in Munich (interview)

He has many Slovenian titles. He’s been involved in sports since childhood, but he’s not the only one. Zuzana Michali Kova He has had success in swimming, cycling, track and field and cross-country skiing. He holds Slovenian records and medals at the World and European Championships.

The world began to be ported to triathlon. In this year’s European Cup, she has entered the top ten three times, and her dream is to start from the Olympics. “I want to fight for qualifying in Paris,” said the 19-year-old girl from Zilina.

You’re making the switch to triathlon, but what sports have you been involved in since you were a kid?

My siblings can drink alcohol, but since I was a kid I’ve played all the sports they also play. Swimming, cycling, track and field and cross-country skiing. In the youth group, I was basically on every team and national team.

It’s a broad picture. Do you ride a bike, swim or ski?

At first I swam, but my siblings like to ride bikes. Well, when I have a free weekend, I go to the games with them, but I got a present there. It’s similar to athletics, where we often go for a run in winter. In cycling and track and field, I’ve done everything with them.

Which sport is closest to you?

I like swimming very much. But when I’ve had health issues in the past and can’t be in the water, that’s when I like to ride my bike.

That’s also perfect when we can go on vacation to Kremnica in winter. It’s hard to say which sport is closest to me. Every period is different. It developed gradually. I always dedicate myself to everyone.

Is it hard for you to prioritize competition when you do so much exercise?

I could have been a lazy cyclist, a lazy athlete, or a lazy swimmer, but I don’t know how to give up other sports. That’s why I choose triathlon.

I always like to compete. This applies to swimming and athletics. But now I have to think more about what I choose and what I don’t choose if I want to be at the same level in triathlon.

Are you already a triathlete?

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