Triathlete Milan († 57) dies during race

25.7. 8:20

Saturday’s triathlon in Rowenk ended in tragedy. During the event, contestant and well-known presenter DJ Milan Leskovský († 57) died suddenly. Malo na tragédiu vluvid aj hójne þeba? Popredný kardiólóg sees this clearly.

In Saturday’s race, Milan Leskovski must complete three events: swimming, cycling and running. However, during the cycling race, he fell unexpectedly, but unfortunately, he was unable to revive the paramedics present. “The probable cause of death was a heart attack. After this accident, the technical representative and the referee decided to end the game early.” Report on the social network Slovenská triatlonová únia.

Leskovský is the founder and head of the LESKY’S RUNNERS club, but under me, DJ Lesky plays at events in Bratislava. Temperatures reached 35 degrees on Saturday at the time of the incident. In addition, experts advise people not to engage in high-intensity physical activity or overwork their bodies in this weather, reports Denník Plus JEDEN DEŇ.

Why did the previous events end under such conditions and the organizers did not postpone it? “Events like this are prepared for more than half a year in advance. It is difficult for the organization, both from the point of view of voluntary participation and from the point of view of securing the track, because the competition is played in three disciplines in a row. ,” Patrik Čurilla, vice president of the Tri 2 Fly club, explained.

He added that despite the extreme temperatures, they did not consider changing the date. Súteže tohto typu prácejú podla jeho slov just this season – whether it’s a big international event, a world championship, Iron Man or Slovenian Kro – just in time, it’s already swimming in open water – lakes.

They didn’t even think about changing the name before, they were already racing in the ultra sprint: “That is, we have swum 350 meters, rode 8 kilometers and only ran 2 kilometers. We still need to change the track a little bit, we ran 500 meters there, but the firefighters provided refreshments at all times. “ Currillo asked.

At the same time, he pointed out that in the current temperature conditions, the world has already hosted triathlons, and the distance is significantly longer, tens of kilometers. “These distances are many times the distance that competitors can accomplish under the same conditions, but it is clear that the burden on the organism is greater. What happened yesterday was a very tragic event. But we could have communicated with several people, but that person may have die elsewhere,” Čurillo concluded. The real cause of Leskovského’s death may only be revealed through a medical autopsy.

However, Professor Viliam Fischer, a prominent Slovenian cardiologist, confirmed that major physical activity in the tropical heat that our climate zone is not accustomed to is inappropriate:”This is nonsense. This is an extreme, but every extreme must be avoided. “

He stressed the need to respect the change in weather, which until now was uncommon in us, but our organism is not adapted to it. “Tréningy should move to a cooler time. I don’t train at ten in the morning, I train at two in the morning,” In addition, he has recommended that every athlete undergo a heart check. “I’m trying to get everyone already from útleho veku podstuup echokardiógrafické vyštění štrečné.” Those who play sports but are not officially registered should do so voluntarily. Because the more they die, the younger they die, not just seventy-year-olds,” closure.

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