Tibor Meszlényi’s son Renáto Meszlényi scores for Močenok in the eighth round of the league

Bratislava, Moyenok. Last weekend, he scored six goals at half-time. Pozornosť odka budí already uses the surname.

Renato Meslani He is the son of the infamous trainer Tibor Meszlényi, who led Eldus Močenok to League Two. FK Mochenok He is currently working in the lowest division of VIII. League, in the so-called “intergroup” Galanta – Šaľa.

We spoke with the 26-year-old forward about the club’s fortunes, personal ambitions and shortest memories, as well as what he would have done differently today if he could start over.

In round 6 VIII. ligy Galanta – Šaľa You scored against FC Kráľová nad Váhom šesťkrát a váš tím won 9-1. For the first time, have you scored six goals in a game?

In the men’s category, yes. In my opinion, it used to be for students, but it never disappeared among adults. Also, I scored all six goals in the first half. I’m looking forward to that.

It has to be said that it is already an opponent from the low-ranking honor roll. In our game, three teams, including us, were fighting for promotion. They are quite qualitatively different from the second half of the table.

Vybehli sme na nich, but from the beginning nám vlosto vychádzalo. Guys, I had a good chance but it all fell on me. At half-time we won 8-1, so we calmed down a little bit but played louder. Kráľová played well in the second half, but they only scored one goal.

We have a good group of people. We were relegated from League 7 but the whole team was buried because we wanted to get back to playing in the highest regions. Mochenok is a big village, and its ambitions are bigger than that of Balian. We didn’t save last season, but we want to come back quickly.

Mochenok was also playing in the Second Division at the time. How do you see the current state of the village when the team is in the lowest regional competition?

My father was coached by Erdus Mochenok in the Second Division, so before that, I had a very good relationship with this club from a young age.

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