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Nikola Pekovic, the former fulcrum of the NBA’s Minnesota Timberwolves overseas basketball team, has completely changed his life after his career.


Nikola Pekovič when he played in the NBA for Minnesota.

From the moment he was determined to finish playing basketball in 2017, he found himself on a “twisted surface” due to his friendship with questionable figures, the AS newspaper reported.

A few months after he left his “basketball pension” with assets of more than $73 million, he had several problems with police in Belgrade, Serbia.

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She found the drugs in cars with US license plates registered in Pekovič’s name. The current president of the Chernokhosk Basketball Federation was not in the car, but there were also Radojko Tomashevich and Ivan Golocheva, who were with well-known drug dealers – Darko and Dushko The Sharichov brothers are close.

However, the story didn’t end there. Police subpoenaed Pekovic for questioning, saying he never denied that he had told Dushko Saric’s friends, but also his son’s godfather.

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According to AS, Pekovic, 36, currently owns a hotel and a nightclub in addition to the aforementioned basketball functions, both of which are linked to Dushko Saric, who is serving a sentence.

According to many sources, in Srbsk and Čiernej Hora, “no one talks about Pekovic as a former basketball player, but a thug”. In 2013, he was Europe’s best pivot in overseas professional leagues, but his numbers were better than the iconic Spanish brothers Pau and Marc Gasolovci.

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This lifestyle is not a unique case associated with the NBA. Caron Butler, a former player and current Miami Heat assistant coach, admits he has had ties to drug dealers in the past.

He should have reached this “business” after eleven years. Today he said he was already trying to help others find a better path than when he was a child.

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