The strong are in action!Again in Trnave, there will be champions of power trojbojárs

TERNAVA – At the Mezca Stadium this weekend, they will compete not only for the title, but also for representation of weightlifters from five countries.

At Trnave, he will perform on the competition stage Over 250 entrants from Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Serbia One Croatia. The biggest lákadlá of them is definitely patriť szávezty The best Slovenian weightlifters and substitutes, among those who belong to them Tomáš Ryšavý, Peter Lincmaier, Tomáš Kríž or Ladislav Galik.

Ladislav Galik

He organizes events Slovenská Amateura federácia silového trojboja (AWPC-Slovakia) they are cooperating Slovenian asociáciou silového triboja. this is the champion Nominate through international events Federation WUAP, XPC, SPF and IPL.

Sútežiť starts with Friday, April 29, Powerlifting – RAW, when all categories of male teens, teens and masters are present. On Saturday April 30th he will come to rad weightlifting – RAW all classes of women and all classes of men have a submaster turned on. Sútežný deň will continue weightlifting man Emotional intelligence.

Peter Linkmeier

The first day of May, Sunday, plan bench press but then dead pull Applies to all categories.

the game starts Every night at 10:00. Due to the introduction of the epidemic prevention measures, the organizers expect that even from the stadium’s point of view, the number of spectators that can already be seen based on the starting list will find its way. Great show.


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