The secret society Nufia, said to have been created in memory of Ingrid Bear, is now protected by scientists who compare it to Marcelo Slávik

After years of the pandemic, fans of mountain trail running (so-called Ultratrail) are once again training for a race called Východnyarska stovka. But in the end, that’s enough and they won’t run anymore. The cause is not a virus, but a secretive civil society.

The traditional running event Východnyarska stovka had to wait until the citizens’ association Nufia did not object. This is for event participants. Not long ago, the association was able to cancel a similar event – Nízkotatranskú šťačka.

Nufia objected that there were already dozens of runners and their fans — mostly family members — who would have a small negative impact on the environment.

“Our runs are specific. The fugitives are scattered over a hundred-kilometer route. They mostly follow tourist routes, passing through protected areas. The National Society for Nature Conservation has no problem with that,” explains running and hiking enthusiast Belo Špišák , he founded the event and organized it himself for several years. Pre miestne obce a trövéske itself is about the development of tourism.

While registration for the event has opened, the start of the competition itself is uncertain. Belo Špišák may have to return a nominal starting fee to runners. “Nufia ruby ​​zakaždým to iste. If possible, he would raise some objections on the last day. It was mostly rejected. But then he appealed, which had to be decided by the Ministry of Environment, but it would take several months. “

Similar events will not be postponed. “From Ľudia to maju naplánované, some of them had previously been on vacation and they had to train,” explains Špišák.

Here’s what it looks like on the Východnyarska Stovka track:

Photo – Bela Špišák’s Profile
Photo – Bela Špišák’s Profile

However, the refugees were not the only ones to whom Nufia communicated her plans. Even recognized environmentalists and even biologists conducting research in the field have had similar experiences. Nufia posiela námietky for anything that requires a permit or a permit under nature conservation law.

Why is this a problem: Zahltení úradníci did not have time to properly deal with other cases with more serious environmental impacts. The result is that in some cases Nufia ignores applicants so much that they defeat their purpose, but at the same time other serious cases are quickly and superficially considered.

Parliament is currently approving an amendment to the law to prevent obstruction of public servants.

I also stopped research that was supposed to protect urban frogs

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