The seasoned Modric has played in 150 national team matches as the eighth in Europe

Thirty-six-year-old Luka Modric, despite his footballing age, is still not an old iron. The Croatian representative rewrote the history of the national team yesterday as he made his 150th anniversary start in the Nations League match against France.

2018 World Championships Stretnutie bolo reprízou final, but ended in a 1-1 draw. In March 2006, Modric made his debut for the national team against Argentina But he hasn’t been on the chess team’s jersey since. You have participated in three World Championships and four European Championships, Four years ago in Russia he even captained the team to the final, but in the final moments he won the Ballon d’Or For the best players in Europe.

With 21 goals in a row, Modric is Croatia’s sixth-best scorer in history, but he entered the elite group on Monday. The European record for the number of international matches is held by the phenomenal Cristiano Ronaldo with 188 duels. Followed by Spaniard Sergio Ramos (180), Italian Gianluigi Buffon (176), Spaniard Iker Casillas (167), Latvian Vitalijs Astafjevs (166), Estonian Martin Lamb (157) and German Lothar Matthaus (150). The Slovenian record holder is Marek Hamšík with 108 starts.

According to Medzinárodnej futbolové federácie, a total of 34 players have played in 150 matches worldwide. The world record is held by Soh Chin Ann from Malaysia, who is recognised by FIFA with 195 matches. Before Ronaldo, there was Kuwait Badir Mutawa (193 matches).

As for Modric, he is definitely not ready to retire. The Real Madrid midfielder’s brain has arrived very quietly this season to win another Champions League title, as well as domestic primacy. The Croat laughs recently that he wants to hit päťdesiatka, like Japan’s Kazujoshi Miura, still an active football player for 55 years. While Modric may never break this record, he will entertain us for a while with his football brains.


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