The Prime Minister met with Renwalski. He wants to talk to him about serious things!

Kým OĽaNO President Igor Matovič has expressed himself many times for the sacking of vladimir langvarskejo z funkje a čal by, aby sa na jeho miesto vrattuk former health minister Prime Minister and Health Minister Marek Krajči has been standing still.

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Now However, Prime Minister Ľubica Janíková, introduced to TASR, has Edward Hague Project Stretnút s in the next few days to the Minister of Health Vladimirom Langwalski viacerým otázkam přednátům fungovania Ministry of Health.

Hegel has declared He already wanted to see the minister On the topic of changes in management of Zdravotníckej implementačnej agentury (ZIA).minister last week Resigns as director of agency Slavomír Udič One Entrusted interim leadership of Petra Svobodova.

swobodova exnámestníčkou, former head of the Pôdohospodárskej četnávejnej agentúry. Denník Postoj said that already As Ladislav Ďurkovič, head of its communications department, pointed out in an open letter, there are few barriers to transparency at the agency. Vedením ZIA commissioned Svobodová to perform riadneho výberového konácia, Up to six months.

Ďurkovič, formerly editor, wrote in an open letter to Minister Vlčanov:

“Petra Svobodová had to leave the Ministry of Justice, where she held a key position during the Smer government and joined the PPA in March after failing to hold on to other places after the election. She leveraged the general manager’s boundless trust and his ignorance to initiate extensive organizational change. While the fundamental organizational change took place on March 1 and was clearly well set, three more changes have taken place since it arrived – as a result, today it manages economic administration, organizational office, personal office, public procurement , Finance Committee, Technical Assistance, and commissioned by aj riadením kancelárie girítátora a najáchnie ma pod sebő klíčovú sekciu IT. She has such an infinite impact on the progress of all critical processes in the agency. “

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