The legendary Petr Kníže does mohol zamieriť for RFA

The domestic MMA world is preparing for another interesting transfer. The roster of fighters in the Real Fight Arena organization can be supplemented by veteran Petr “Monster” Kníže, who last appeared in the MMA Octagon.

Monster was seen in Ostrava where he lost to David Kozmova in the Championship. The RFA posted a photo on social networks with a silhouette that closely resembles a Czech veteran. The identity of the mysterious figure will be revealed tomorrow.

After the last break, the prince felt that he had to think about his future. In Octagone, with championship ambitions, he will have to go through a couple of tough opponents, while in RFA he can set a somewhat different path and get more money. In the past, the server let people know that RFA’s offer was very different from Oktagon’s.

“The offer came, but it was completely different financially. It’s not comparable. It’s also possible to fight for the title in the RFA, and while the organization doesn’t have such a name yet, the financial situation there is completely different.

“I have a plan in my head. There are two possibilities. Honestly, I don’t want to win two games and go to a rematch with Kozm. I still have to think about it. It’s fun for me to fight for the title, but the problem is Will the other side come close to it. Logically, Veličković is the one I should have picked. I have no time guarantee. Probably three games, which is almost a deadline and a half to two, which is unthinkable for me, I have a family, a gym,” He expressed his opinion immediately after the match against Cosmo.


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