The highest paid athlete is LeBron James (rebríček, top 10)

Los Angeles. The highest-paid athlete on the planet is American basketball player LeBron James. The 37-year-old NBA Los Angeles Lakers earned nearly $127 million last season.

Proceeds include athletic activity revenue and sponsorship donations. James makes $36.9 million a year in the NBA, but he gets another $90 million from sponsors.

The four-time Finals MVP replaced mixed martial arts player Conor McGregor, who has not played since July 2021 due to an injury, dropping to 22nd.

Argentine footballer Lionel Messi from Paris-Saint-Louis. Germantown’s revenue was $122 million. United’s third Cristiano Ronaldo has improved his finances by $115 million for the remainder of his term.

Not only does the NBA top the list of highest-paid athletes, it also has the most representation in the top 30. There are as many as 10 basketball players inside. The NFL has seven representatives, five of which are football players.

The second most valuable European player after Ronaldo is Swiss tennis player Roger Federer. 10 is in eighth place with a total revenue of 85.7 million.

His income comes mostly from non-sports activities, and he gets $85 million from sponsors. He is second only to James in this regard.

The highest paid female athlete is Naomi Osaková. She made $53.2 million in the past year, of which only $1.20 per Kurtok.

There is only one woman in the top 100, US tennis player Serena Williamsová in 53rd with a profit of 35.3 million. However, he is currently not at the peak.

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