The coach of the women’s national team is very anxious, and the tennis results have not yet come.I hate bad intros

16:35 today

The Slovenské futbalové team have another qualifying cycle behind them, in which they fight to advance to next year’s World Championships in Australia and New Zealand.

In qualifying Group A, they finished fourth with eight points from eight matches, with two victories coming from Georgia and a draw with Ireland and Finland. The winner of the Švédky group advances to the championship game, with the second Irishman advancing to the playoffs.

“I’m very happy, we’ve had small performances that correspond to our performances, we’ve scored against opponents in 2nd and 3rd, we haven’t gotten anything from the monarchs in our group and the monarchs in Europe. Tennis results are top in Sweden. These are definitely positives and testify to the positive feelings. The opposite of these is that mathematically we are already 2 points lower than our previous ME qualification at the final table, but we are also one point lower position, if we can put ourselves in it. Swing,” Trainer Peter Kopúň is in the running for the WC 2023 when interviewed on the official Slovenského futbalového zväzu (SFZ) website.

“The math isn’t slack when it comes to calculating coefficients, but it does when it comes to scoring performance baskets. The fun of the game is paramount to the players and our fans and we want to attract more people to our games. For me, this is It’s two interrelated factors, and I don’t think either of them matters.” He thought he was the helmsman.

Women’s football is making major strides in the world, so the question is whether Slovakia has succeeded in capturing this trend. “England Women’s European Cup shows that the top teams have come apart from the rest, but more motivated teams are working to close the gap to get closer to the best. This has been echoed by people and donor partners, which is why ME Women There are more people playing than in the men’s tournament. The question is for our work, which is fine: it doesn’t matter, our domestic women’s league already has an associated entity, according to which it already has a name. Slovenian players are already there from abroad Engagement with interested parties. Personally, I see progress, but I just don’t see it fully demonstrated to the public” Add Kopúň to

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