The bridge over Štrbské Plese shakes its foundations again

Veľký skokanský mostík on Štrbské Plese was conquered five times. The legendary Red Bull 400 race once again attracted hundreds of passionate runners whose strength and determination were tested on the still steep jumping bridge at Štrbsko Plese.

Okrem rozpálených lýtok, was not put out by the escapees – firefighters, the participants also had to deal with the weather. But that hasn’t stopped competitors from wanting to outdo themselves. The winners of the competition were Jozef Hlavča and Eszter Hortobágyiová. In the men’s relay, you won the championship with Čim Fit and mixed STG Prievidza. But anyone who has experienced the Red Bull 400 firsthand knows that they are all winners.


The steep track checked every man, woman, firefighter, all relay teams, seasoned “regulars” but also newbies determined to get the experience of a lifetime.

Jozef Hlavčo was the fastest on the men’s slippery Tatra circuit with the same time of 03:23 minutes as last time. He raced for the third time, but he won the championship three times.

“The Red Bull 400 once again showed its high standards. My tactical basis was not to look at others and to focus on my performance. I always tried to stay calm and not panic, but I was amazed at how much energy I had in the final stage. I could Said I had won by a landslide,” Jozef Hlavča is ecstatic.

In the women’s division, Eszter Hortobágyiová dominated, as she beat the last minute at 04:24, easily conquering most of the men. In the men’s relay team, you won the championship with Čim Fit in 2:19 and the mixed STG Prievidza in 2:51.

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Nice traditional look AJ ZNÁME TVÁRE

“Honestly, I thought the relay would be easier than the whole race, but I thought so, but it was very difficult. Kudos to everyone who provided it today. Today, for me, it wasn’t a show, it was mostly with friends Play.” Comments on the performance of slalom player Jakub Grigar in the men’s relay with Maroš Molnár, Števo Eisel and Michal Barbier.

“It was a brutal massacre, but I think it’s a positive thing. Kädtí vie, I already love sports, but today I’m waiting for a relay race, which I’ve never experienced! Tak mi stuhli nohy, I can’t even bend my knees. If I put myself on the entire lawn today, by the end of the day, I might be gasping for breath on the bridge. Hats off to all the competitors today” Maroš Molnár enthusiastically commented on his participation in the relay.

“Neexistuje ale, aby som na buduluci rok šiesti, článku városná idem vyhrať” He vigorously added.

Multiple-time hockey world champion Boris Oravec commented on his performance with equal enthusiasm.

“The Red Bull 400 is considered brutal hell, but there is also a beautiful euphoria at the end. Runners aren’t too lazy about fitness, it’s more about determination. This was my first 400, but I was in less than 5 minutes Completed the running goal. However, I definitely want to break the next deadline, but I will start preparing earlier,” said Boris, who reached the final at 4:35.

Thanks to the slow pace, the Vysoké Tatry and the Red Bull 400 running race is once again a truly epic, unpredictable and adventurous race.

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HISTÓRIA RED BULL 400 in Slovenia

The Red Bull 400 is the toughest steep ski jump in the world. There is a rule where the competition is held – “four rounds” can only be done on the ski jumping bridge. In 2018, the chancellor had the chance to take the race to the High Tatras, but this year the event returns to the same location for the fifth time. On the Štrbské Pleso bridge (marked HS 136), which was the last bridge used during the 2003 Red Bull 400 Ski Freestyle.

The idea of ​​using ski bridges for running in summer came under fire in 2011 by Austrian Andreas Berger. The challenge is clear, to overcome the classic 400-meter movement distance on an unconventional track for ski jumping. From the end of the slope to rozjazdový lávku, the maximum inclination angle is 37 degrees (75% prevýšenie). The Red Bull 400 is thus the shortest but most extreme 400m race in the world.

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