Terminator Karlos Vémola is already in chomúte! Rytmus also sings at the wedding

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Rytmus was also sung to the newlyweds, a rather inappropriate song full of superfluous stuff. The guests still had a great time. Vémola had a great time and commented: “Today, we’re having sex, but we’re tired of it”.

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Bride Laila received an unusual gift from her husband at the wedding reception, and Carlos gave a monkey!

Actor Jiří Krampol explained to the Czech website Extra.cz that he has broadcasted as a young couple if possible.

“Everything was arranged by them, I got the license, no one would allow me to give it away like this” Introduced by the Czech actor, but he also revealed that he will be Vémolovcov oddaváv, which he only knew a few days ago.

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There are 365 mainframes on site. Before Blesk, the newlyweds also commented on what will happen to their wedding dress and whether Lela is pregnant.
What to do with the wedding dress after the ceremony? “V tom sa bude vydaváv Lilinka,” The groom joked. When asked if Laila was pregnant, he had a definite answer: “Definitely after tonight!”

The location of the wedding, the občanská plovárna gallery in Prague, was chosen deliberately by the spouses, and the first date hurts here.

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You won’t believe who gave the pair! Czech actor Jiri Krampol.
Cramball mentioned the film in his speech beast, kóry kedysi daboval, v kóry na ende behajú levy a tigre. During filming, Carlos was at home every day. In addition to Carlos’ fighting skills, Laila had to endure it all with him.

Pár You say “áno” before half a piatou.

“Long live Carlos Leila!” The host waved warmly to the newlyweds, while a dove was released to the newlyweds.

“Already in the limousine with tears in my eyes. Already home” The newlywed Laila admits. “The greatest victory of my life” Announcing Carlos’ wedding.

The stars have been together for years but have sex Two young children, daughter Lily and son Rocky.first mediated After the birth of their daughter, there was a crisis in their relationship, when Lela Ceterová moved from the Czech Republic to an apartment in Slovakia. She and her daughter lived here for several months.

The reason for the breakup at the time was Carlos’ infidelity. Despite the resemblance, the couple have been separated forever, and Vimora goes to great lengths to please Lailo with what he gets. Ceterová moved back to the Czech Republic, and the couple soon announced Lela’s second pregnancy.

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Before Christmas 2020 with couple engaged Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the wedding was postponed. Medzitým Lela Ceterová In December 2021, she gave birth to their second child together, son Rocky.

In January, the couple split for a few days. thanks for that Riley allegedly cheated on Carlos’ acquaintance, However, this has never been confirmed. Vémol has a little misunderstanding, At the time he couldn’t wrestle because of a hand injury, but that’s how frustrated he was.

The couple then came to an agreement Sharp media statements. Kým Vémola claims her fiancée has cheated, and Ceterová says Karlos has physically attacked them. Lela Naňho even had to file a criminal complaint, which she withdrew days later. It didn’t take long for the couple to be back with themselves. First, if the clan claims, “len ako parents dvoch detě”, Later, the media introduced that it was already sa sebe vracajú aj ako pár.

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will there be a wedding Aleponie, he didn’t know until the very last moment. Carlos claims that even if he won’t win the OKTAGON MMA title, he objected Ilix the Clown of Alexandria, He will not marry Lele. Našťastie pre nų Karlos lost his juice on the evening of Sunday to Monday, July 25th. This spring, Karlos revealed in an interview with Blesk that even at his wedding, he didn’t miss any of the wildlife carousels!


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