Sulik wants to escape the problems citizens face in winter

BRAtislava – President Za Udi spoke on social media after a government meeting at the Brik Hotel.

Following the government meeting represented by the Secretary of State, the Ministry of Dušan Velič introduced: “It is important that Richard Sulík’s department is in charge of gas prices, especially in the future, which will increase, but seeking to prevent energy poverty and manage Europe’s largest energy crisis. The SaS party wants to enjoy all the advantages of the opposition and the coalition – Not responsible, not addressing the nation’s problems, but simply gaining political power from Europe’s ongoing energy and inflation crisis.”

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Later, she also expressed herself on social networks. She again referred to the gas crisis, but also to the opposition party Hlas a Smer. Despite his reservations about Saskatchewan, he will continue to push for the continuation of the Quad.

“From our point of view, it is necessary to devote energy to solving the problems of the Slovakian people, not individual disputes between coalition partners. Slovensko trápia článek iné problems, ako politicians’ personal disputes. Slovenia is suffering from drought, due to high gas prices, many face the threat of energy shortages in the future. This needs to be addressed. Dissolution of the government coalition comes at a time when Slovenia is going through the most difficult period of the past decade – global inflation, a pan-European energy crisis and a war that transcends borders It is irresponsible and dishonest to the citizens of Slovenia.” Introduced Remisova.

“The Za ľudí page is not part of the controversy, our goal is to always deliver on the promises we made to the people before the elections. To throw off our responsibilities and roll out the red carpet, for Slovenia, this is not just an economic disaster, And a disaster for foreign political power. We have a duty to fulfill our duty to citizens who do not care about personal disputes, but what we do for Slovenia. In the ZA ĽUDÍ page, we fulfill this duty, but we also expect all Allied partners do this,” said the minister.

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Source: FB V. Remišová/Netky Ida Železníková

Photo: FB Veronika Remišová

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