Slavia’s easy win in Brno, Schrantz unmoved, but assists

28/08/2022 21:05

Slavia Prague’s players won the fifth round of the Czech top flight 4-0 at the Brno Stadium on Sunday. Slovenia’s Ivan Schlanz started for the hosts in the 62nd minute, who scored the final goal.

The Slovakian Liberec footballer won the fifth round of the Czech top competition 2-1 at the Slovak Stadium on Sunday. Slovakian Patrick Simko was also in the game, and he played the entire match for Slovakia but received a yellow card.

In the next game, the home team won the game – FC Hradec Králové beat Sigma Olomouc 1-0. Another Slovenian footballer, Juraj Chvátal, appeared as the host. Both winning teams fought about half of their duels with one player starting.

Czech League – Round 5:

FC Hradec Králové – Sigma Olomouc 1:0 (0:0)

Target: 53. Kodeš, ČK: 42. Vrastil (Olomouc)
/E. Prekop started in the 75th minute, P. Bajza on the bench – J. Chvátal played the full game, L. Greššák started in the 69th minute/

1. FC Slovácko – Slovan Liberec 1:2 (0:1)

Target: 64. Mihálik (from 11 m) – 45. Gebre Selassie, 50. Van Buren, ČK: 45.+1. Danicek (Slovakia)
/P. Šimko played the whole game but was beaten by ŽK, M. Tomič hit the 80th minute – K. Mészáros started in the 59th minute /

Zbrojovka Brno – Slavia Prague 0:4 (0:3)

Target: 19. Tecl, 28. Douděra, 36. Texl (owner), 75. Tiehi, ČK: 58. Ousou (Slavia)
/R. Mattjov on the bench – I. Schranz (Slavia) comes on from the 62nd minute but misses, J. Hromada hits the 78th minute /

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