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Inter Milan defender Milan Skriniar is the club’s highest-paid player after renewing his contract with the Serie A giants, according to the SportMediaset portal.


Milan Skriniar during a press conference in Pilsen ahead of the Champions League game.

The Slovenian representative, whose current contract expires in a few years, has been in talks with Inter for a new contract for several months.

Talks were put on hold when Škriniar became the main transfer target for the Ligue 1 – Paris St. football team. Germain. However, Inter Milan rejected all offers from the billionaire team. He demanded at least 70-80 million euros, which Paris has long refused to pay.

According to Sportmediaset, Inter Milan believe they will sign Skriniar in the coming weeks. He is said to have made him the highest-paid player at the club. The Nerazzurri have reportedly made an offer of 7 million euros for Skriniaro.

Only Romelu Lukaku has more. The Belgian will host Inter Milan alongside Chelsea in London.

Inter Milan are currently preparing for the Champions League game in Plzen. Skriniar was right in his pre-match press conference and – understandably – the question was about his future at the club. Rodák zo Žiaru nad Hron’s reaction was no longer a little annoyed.

“I’ve never talked about it, but I prefer it to stay that way. I can come here and play, but I don’t want to talk about my future and my contract. I don’t think so, it’s the right time and place. When something new comes out, you hear it from me, but not from other people,” he said.

18. Tomáš Suslov (Groningen) - 50,000.

17. Adam Jakubech (Lille) - 250,000.

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