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Saturday July 9, 2022 sa in Múzeu kysuckej dediny looking forward to buduje konať bejecké preteky Vychylovská osmička – running from one station to another. It is one of a series of events that the staff of the Kysuckého Museum has prepared and prepared for the institution’s 50th anniversary.

Running from station to station – that’s the name of a new activity prepared by the staff Kysuckého múzea in Nová Bystrica – Múzea kysuckéj dediny open-air museum in Vychylovke in cooperation with the municipality of Nová Bystrica. This time, however, it will not be the cultural event that tourists are accustomed to, but a sporting event, especially running competitions. Vychylovská osmička – running from one station to another It is one of a series of events that Kysuckého múzea staff have prepared and prepared for the institution’s 50th anniversary.His first year is coming to an end Saturday, July 9, 2022 But we plan to make it a tradition by starting our annual event in early July.

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The combination of culture and history with sports is unusual in our region, and these two hobbies are mostly held by different groups of enthusiasts. However, at the Kysuck Museum, we decided to mix a cocktail with sweat and dry water and see the historic “chalúpky” or wooden railway and beautiful natural scenery that could appeal to a wide range of people interested in both camps. But it’s also possible to spark an interest in history among athletes, as everyone who starts has the opportunity to visit the open-air museum for free. Conversely, even the more culturally inclined may be carried away by the atmosphere of the game, but when they don’t start, at least they encourage not only their favorites but their opponents as well. We, the employees of Kysuckého múzea, will follow our example and we also plan to go where we normally have work obligations.

Let’s see what awaits us at the Kysuckej dediny museum on July 2nd

We start our demo at 8:00am. Each entrant will receive a starting number and a starting bag, post-race, lunch and beer or coffee while visiting the MKD grounds. Before the game itself, rozcvička so skúsenou cviciteľkou. The entire show will be accompanied by the sports presenter’s farewell.

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The start of the main game is scheduled for 10:00 But runners measured their strength in three male and two female categories. Their orbits are 8.6 kilometers long and 230 meters above sea level. As the name of the event suggests, the line will run between two stations on the National Heritage Historic Forest Railway. We start at the MKD amphitheater near the Skanzen station, but we’ll turn around at the Sedlo Beskyd station, which is also the feeding point between Kysuc and Oravou.

Five minutes after the main runners left the track, the youngest runners stepped onto the track. Children born in 2011 and below measure their strength on a 400-meter track. Títo pretecári bývajú usually riadne namotovaní av ich podaní prábítě vysém nefalšované emotion.

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then they will follow 2 two kilometers First came older children, or rather “teenagers” (ročníky 2007 – 2010), then teens (2003 – 2006). Each participant will receive a medal in the goal, which is like a “chalúpky” in wooden skanzen.When the game is over, get ready slávnostn​​é odovzdávanie cien víjórom, tombola and wicked program. The prize for the top three in the race will be a trophy from the old Nová Bystrica, and the winner will receive a butter shingle from director Kysuckého múzea.

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The race at Vychylovská osmička will continue up to the prestigious Žilina Running League, so its participants will be able to claim some “points” for the category. If you don’t have Saturday, July 9th on your calendar, come experience this unusual event for yourself.

Mario Yannick and Martina Krkoskova
Kysucké Museum

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