Secret documents on nuclear weapons held by Trump discovered

federal order tour Trump’s seat in Florida Attorney General’s signature Merrick Garland. Former US President Donald Trump announced to the media that his Florida home had been raided by the FBI, but agents broke into the vault. Trump said in a statement that his Mar-a-Lago residence in Palm Beach, Fla. “Occupied by a large group of FBI agents.”

From home: Igor Matovič is an essential statement!

FBI At first I didn’t say anything about the case, but now I’m in the news Washington post He cites ľudho oboznámených s vejškasním, who has introduced them in the villa Donald Trump they are looking for Secret documents on the nuclear collection. agent ich tyddanie tagged as “Treasure.” They did not specify whether the documents were referring to American arzenálu or another country.

US Department of Justice request at the same time súd about unblocking orders in Florida Trump’s residence.The Department of Justice’s recommendation refers to “Jasný a sílkí szábětí pública understand what happened.” The FBI raid sparked a wave of protests in the United States, with fans demonstrating directly in front of the Mar-a-Lago villa.

Guardian Indicates that the former US president has taken officeHe especially hates America’s nuclear arsenal, but he praises it, which already holds highly classified information. “Even Donald Trump has commented on the proposal to issue the order.

“Certainly, I have supported the disclosure of FBI-authorized documents for use in this non-U.S., illegal and unnecessary police raid on my home,” Write to the former president. Trump announced to the media, “He was already concerned that the FBI might, on someone’s orders, place in his home evidence they wanted to use against him. US and UK media This has likely been the case since the beginning of the case Donald Trump vydaný zatykač.

Súvisiace: An arrest warrant is expected after the raid on Donald Trump’s home. What if the former president saw it?


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