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September 17 in Bratislava uskutoční desiaty vrančních na slušvenských Women’s Cross Country – dm women’s running. Event partners earn U.S. badges new Balancewhich, among other things, specializes in running equipment.

Are you a seasoned runner, or are you just toying with the idea? No matter what your relationship with running is, it can always be changed or improved. Among New Balance products, you’re sure to find equipment that can help you achieve your goals.You should be small before you start shopping and training Think about your attitude towards running. according to Petra PukalovichovaFounder of the Simala women’s running group sheRUNS Start by finding answers to four basic questions. Mr. answered these questions Influential Naty Kerny, Karolína Chomisteková, Ema Mičková, Vivien Kerstin Terschawetz and Janka Slačková. All of them have one thing in common – they want to exercise and participate in women’s running.

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1. How is your physical condition?

Put your hands on your heart and tell the truth zhodnoť stav svoj kondička. Do you exercise regularly? How long and how intense?also temporarily own Relationship with past sports and actual zdravotný stav. Kádí máme startovací bod elsewhere. Someone has exercise experience, but his brain “remembers” the exercise more easily. People who do not exercise regularly should gradually adapt to physical activity.

Emma and Vivian They dedicate every day to sports, nevynechajú ani running training. For some time now, Ema has been wearing sneakers regularly: “Behom si častím hvú, this is the time when I can think alone.” Vivienne had just debuted and was still struggling to make up her mind.

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2. How much time can you or would you like to devote to running each day or week?

Work, family, time to relax, and other important factors of daily life should also be taken into account. Combining duties with running takes planning. So you can take as many walks as you like during the week.

forward Karolina Chomistkova Exercise is a big part of her lifestyle, so she practices it five to six times a week. It is best to run in the summer when it is 30 degrees outside. Preparations for dm women’s running Committed to: “I didn’t want to underestimate anything, so I tweaked my diet a little bit, but I try to sleep before midnight so my body can regenerate after training. Vró sa teším, I can already be part of tohto behu, and in female energy Enjoy yourself with company.”

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3. What is your goal?

go ahead Specific goals in real-time range. Do you want to run a specific race, stay fit during the winter months or increase your monthly mileage?running needs it postupnosť, consistenťť a tržepzlivoťť. This is not the art of motivated to start.

Natty Kerney He sees the fact that he has run away from home as a great chance to win.Before the women’s race, you set a goal to run a kilometer in 5:30 minutes “Exercise keeps me stable, positive and in good shape mentally and physically. Even though it’s a way of life for me, sometimes I have to get over it. But I’m hyperactive, so I always find motivation to leave the apartment, “ added.

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4. Why do you want to run?

Kádí máme odákky kriticický deň a neče sa nám funkúrť – nie to šče behať.then it’s fine Think back to your original motivation. This causes you to run away. Remember why you did it. Janka Slackova She has been dancing since she was a child, so naturally she has a very positive relationship with sports. “Sú to endorfíny, it’s vásueň, it’s love, cáiústím si hávú In general, I love running and sports. That’s why I want to enjoy this race in the first place, but my goal is not even one I already I can’t control or the thought that I want to give up. I want to go there with that, I just come, I run away, but I don’t give up.”

If you haven’t lost motivation after answering these questions, it’s probably because of New Balance that you have nothing to do, put on your tennis shoes and run to the grass.

Source: New Balance

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