Richard Petrushka – the only Slovakian to apply for the NBA

January 26, 2019 at 12:05 pm

Dolapiť svetobežníkov nebýva požije, često často menia miesto svogo pobytu. Don’t change every day.

That’s less extreme in the case of former Czechoslovak and Slovenian basketball representative Richard Petrushka, but his more Slovenian friends can’t tell us his geographic “location” in these days. In his own way, he’s also a world traveler, and we’ve caught him now in Toronto, Canada.

RICHARD PETRUŠKA, the only Slovakian to apply for the NBA (he even won), turned 50 yesterday

What drew you to the big city on the shores of Lake Ontario?

“I’ve been living in Canada for a long time, especially Vancouver. I even have local citizenship, so I’m also here in a way. Coming back to Canada was based on our family decision.

can you tell me more?

“It happened for two reasons. The Kanársky ostrovoch Basketball Academy in Las Palmas, where I have been working since 2014, announced its location in June. I didn’t want to go anywhere with her. One reason. The second is my 15 year old siblings, twins Alexander and Daniel. My wife Alexandra and I decided to give them the best high school education, but we chose Toronto. He started August here it comes.”

So your current Canada has nothing to do with basketball? Ani preto, will your wanderer’s synovium already go in?

“No, they’re not going to be professional basketball players. They’re only amateurs dedicated to the sport. Now, I don’t care about him here either, but it’s not impossible, I’ll be back at the rim again as a coach .”

Have you been sick for four years in Kanárskych ostrovoch?

“Yes, I’m focusing on particularly tall players, which is where I used to be on the pitch. There are 15-20 talented boys of different ages preparing every day under my guidance.

Ak sa nemýlime, tak máte blíchy vlažní aj k Spania?

“Of course. There are several reasons. I came back to European basketball from across the ocean in Italy, but I also spent a fruitful part of my career in Spain. I first came to play in 1999. I was in Los Angeles. Met his wife from Bratislava, where she came to improve her English in 1996, but then she went to the Iberian Peninsula to speak Spanish. Still, she continued her language studies at Komenského University and gained a degree in Spanish and Master of Culture. This is very important for our family, our twins were born on March 7, 2003 in Malaga, Spain.”

Which languages ​​do you speak?

“English is the most important language in basketball, I only learned it in the US. I used to study Russian and German at my home school in Levice and Bratislava. In Italy, after returning to Europe from the US, I probably Can speak English, but I quickly mastered the basics of Italian. I recently bought a book in Slovakia for self-taught students, but thanks to her I was able to communicate in Italy by the deadline, not only in locker room, and anywhere in the city. Spanish has a lot in common with Italian, but it quickly took hold of me and my wife helped me every now and then. Except for Slovenian, I could have no problem Communicate in English, Italian and Spanish. If necessary, I may soon restore everything in Russian or German.”

Richard Petruška also represented Slovenia, most recently in 2000.


As you know, you probably haven’t come across such a coincidence, but on an important life anniversary, you can start taking stock a little. What does basketball give you?

“Everything is already there, so to speak, because I have spent most of my life with him. Štefan Repka, Aladár Zorád and Dušan Polák in Levicia, Bratislava Pavol Bojanovský and Ján Mészáros gave me very good Basic training. In America, I had to rely on myself later, I mostly rely on myself.”

Are you implying that it is not easy to apply already in the US?

“That’s it. I didn’t talk about the NBA in school and there aren’t many foreigners like me anymore. The trainers don’t trust them. There are no scouts, almost no internet, almost no mutual information. In the early ’90s, the NBA had ten foreign players now they are ich stokka and others are on the way. when houston selected me in the second round with the 46th pick, i hired a personal trainer for three months before 1993 and i paid him Applying for the league of the year, but it’s not enough.”

Then you are really selected. Thanks for what?

“For the summer camp and the tournament in Salt Lake City, I was well prepared. I played great games there. In the end, they offered me a contract, which of course was gratifying, but in the end it was great for me It’s a bit expensive for a career.”

You point out a problem. So where did you see him?

“I didn’t see the problem at the time and it became apparent later. I joined one of the best NBA teams that won the championship in the only season I played in the game (1993/94). Championship. I also have an NBA championship ring, but I don’t get many chances in this famous game. On a worse NBA team, I’d play more…”

When Houston drafted me 46th overall in the second round, I hired a personal trainer for three months prior to 1993, and I paid him to apply for the league of the year, but I never got there.

Rochard Petrushka

Slovenian basketball player

So it’s impossible to say, do you remember your time in the NBA?

“Of course it was a treat. Also a lot of respect and happiness. However, I don’t underestimate the championship win. I really didn’t deserve that day, but I still have a wonderful memory of being independent. Since I don’t play much , so I asked the coach to at least give me a bigger chance. I played nearly 20 minutes against Dallas, but I was declared the MVP of the game.”

l So you don’t want to try your luck on another NBA team? Why did you go back to Europe after one season in the NBA?

“I received a good offer from Italy. When we won bronze in the EC, a manager who remembered me from Czechoslovakia’s youth team approached me. I played in Varese for four years. Then in Istanbul A season at Galatasaray. From there I went to Malaga for two and a half hours, but I ended my more serious career in Vitoria, which was also in Spain.”

You’re only 33 years old, isn’t it too early?

“I started to have health problems with my back. For a while, for two months, I tried to play in Sicily, then in 2003 I helped Zaragoza successfully play in the second Spanish league play-off, but I no longer Felt like a full-fledged game. After being “liberated” from basketball, I returned to Los Angeles to complete my master’s degree in economics for two years.

And then you went to the aforementioned Vancouver?

“I was allowed to live there from 2005 to 2008, and I taught basketball in high school. However, it was far from Slovenia, where he had a mother and wife, but we were able to go back to the Tatras. I was in Lei Vice was a basketball manager for almost five years, then I worked for a while at a computer company in Bratislava, and then I got an offer from the Canary Islands. We left there in 2014, but we had Talking about the rest of our lives…I really can’t tell you if we’re going to stay in Toronto forever.”

When will you be in Slovakia again?

“We’re definitely coming in a few years. I’m already looking forward to it. Let’s go to my mom, who still lives in Levisia’s house.”

More should be given to youth

How would you rate the current level of basketball in Slovenia?

“I haven’t had any close contact with him, but I saw him up close not too long ago. I’m not surprised they didn’t develop strong personalities. More should be given to young people, more should be given to them In-depth and thoughtful training. Without it, the level would not rise and we would not have a strong representation.”

Who is Richard Petruska

he was born On January 25, 1969 in Levisia, he was 208 cm tall. In Slovakia, he played in his hometown, but from 1986 onwards played for international Bratislava (from there he traveled to the United States in 1990).

three times – In 1998, 1999 and 2000 – Best basketball player in Slovenia according to SBA survey. In a poll on the best Slovenian basketball player of the 20th century, he was ranked second behind Stanislav Kropilák.

he is the only Slovenian basketball player who made his famous NBA debut – in the 1993/94 season he was part of the winning Houston Rockets. As a student, he played for Loyola Marymount (one season) and UCLA (two seasons) in the US NCAA.

NBA deadline He played basketball for four years in Varese, Italy (as an American), one season in Istanbul, Turkey, two years in Malaga, Spain, and finally half a season in Victoria. He has represented the Czechoslovak Republic in the youth division (he won a bronze medal at the Youth World Championships with Titovha Vrbas of the former Yugoslavia in 1988), at the 1991 World Championships in Rome with the men of the CSFR, and later represented Slovakia at the World Championships. Periodically until 2000.

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