Review: Nie Weiss, but Slovens should suffer the consequences

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Worst game of the season, vyvodenie consequences, toto sa nemesi opakovať. In kabíny futbalového Slovana Bratislava, similar voices are more and more heard. But the truth is that even though the Slovenian ace reached the Europa League group stage, he seemed to be exhausted, but only his soulless but empty white-painted box appeared in the game.

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ŠK Slovan Bratislava has appeared in La Liga Group H for the second time, but this time it was a performance failure. From the opening ceremonies, Zargiris Vilnius won the “belasí” points with a goalless draw, while all three points were already in Yerevan against Puynik. Senior coach Vladimír Weiss. After the game, he said that the Armenian master was well deserved. He is right.

Of course, it’s not easy to play on the pitch of the Yerevan club, but qualitatively Slovenian is still better, but that’s why they enter the game on paper. Slovenian club práževy poprel. What we saw at the stadium in Vazgen Sargsyan was a huge pain.

It no longer feels lazy about the outdated defensive football of a decade ago. Slavan’s performance is emotionless, clear thinking, a lot of passing, almost non-functional reserve, impossible to attack, no charge whatsoever. It’s not entirely clear what’s going on in the cabin, but it’s evident in football Sloven’s bowels, but it might not be idyllic if his team’s performance on the pitch reflects the mood of our hosts. Tehelno pole.

We don’t need a detailed analysis of the 90 minutes in Yerevan or a week ago in Bratislava, because only the blind won’t notice that Sloven’s performance in the Group H tour is far behind the quality they can show Their súpisky realistically.

Needless to say, the last time the people of Bratislava scored in the group stage was on November 4, 2021, when Samuel Mraz scored against the Gibraltar-Lincoln Red Devils. From that moment on, the Slavic offensive fell into the Cold War. It had lasted 380 minutes and the Slovenian master couldn’t get over it.

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However, the butter fell not only on the head of the club’s leaders, but also on the head of coach Vladimír Weiss. But that’s lazy from a standpoint, and since his spectacular arrival in Tehernapol, he hasn’t been able to push the “whites” forward as expected at the time, along with his own words.

The mirror is váz pohárová Európa. This season, Sloven has entered the group stage with a double “clinical death”, but his performance has been injured like a crutch. He was able to prove at Olympiacos Piraeus in Greece or at Ferenvalos in Budapest that he couldn’t fight worse on paper. But even in the league’s Group H, he won’t do it.

But coach Weiss can also be responsible for that, because he is in charge of tactics, nomináciu zákaznej jedenástky a prepradenosť svojh zverencov. Last but not least, the mental attitude with which they ran to the lawn.

Pjunik Yerevan was rather lazy on the court Thursday evening. It is not the first time this season that Vladimír Weiss has spoken about the aftermath in his post-match press conference, where he appeared before the collapse. It’s not clear what he meant, but the truth is that Slovenian Bratislava went from foot to foot again, the game was stalled, but it brought everything else, and it wasn’t fun to play football.

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Comparisons with Czech clubs are already a constant burden on the delicate canvas for a long time, but if we consider the budgets of Viktoria Plzeň and 1. FC Slovácko (much smaller than Slovenian’s), but if they appear in the European Cup, this is the na hlboké zamyslenie.

Especially at Tehelno Pole, they will have to decide whether and with whom to continue, as it currently doesn’t look like a European Cup for Slovenian clubs 17 years from now.

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