Real Madrid win the European Super Cup!Alaba and Benzem transplant for white ballet

HELSINKI – Real Madrid players have won the piatykrát in European Super Cup history. The defending Champions League champions beat Europa League champions Frankfurt 2-0 at the Olympic Stadium in Helsinki on Wednesday. The goal was decided by David Alaba in the first half and Karim Benzema in the second.

Real Madrid win the Super Cup for the fifth time in history

Real Madrid had previously successfully competed for the UEFA Super Cup in 2002, 2014, 2016, 2017 and topped the all-time list with five victories over Barcelona and AC Milan. In their debut, Eintracht Frankfurt did not take advantage of the opportunity to be the 25th club on the winner’s list.

coach to real Same as the starting eleven in the Champions League final in Paris in May, Frankfurt Execute from scratch Gotze. After careful introduction, he was the first to get the big opportunity Frankfurt; Kamata In the 14th minute, Plenik found himself behind the opponent’s defense after passing the ball, but there was no surprise in the cross. Courtois. After just three minutes, he was very close to the goal. realwhen he completes the combination until the empty door little Viniciusbut goalkeeper Trapp was replaced by a defender at the last minute Tuta.

Halfway through the first act, he was sullen Courtois zasiahnuť try again, this time canave. Interlaken overhustil mid poľa but no chance for the favorite to score due to pozornej defense.This payment is until the 37th minute, when the first Trapp Mussel Vitracini scored little Vinicius But after the next corner, a priťuknutie Casemira z bránkové čiary comfortably open skin to odkrytej bránky skin Alaba – 1:0.He could even increase the team’s lead before halftime Benzemabut missed the goal from twelve meters away.

Ten minutes after changing sides, the Frankfurt goalkeeper is on duty again Trappkóry aj so šťastím neutralized the attempt little Vinicius from a more dangerous location. real controlled development, Frankfurt Currently, he is trying to revive the game with doublydným striedaním after less than an hour of play, after which he changed captain Rodho played Gotze. Germany almost cashed after a shot about a minute later Casemira Poza šestnástky, however, the crossbar saved the goal Trapp’s Blanche.

In the 64th minute, the defense was loose real too much space canavekóry vnikol until šestnástky a checked note Courtois. However, it suddenly struck the other side— little Vinicius A long pass is taken on the left wing, found in the box Benzema But he took the lead with a 2-0 lead into the centre of the goal. Frankfurt For the rest of the game, he tried to dramatize the finish with more obvious moves, but he never found a recipe for overcoming his opponent’s defense.


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