Real Madrid enters the season with a complete victory, Barcelona only draws 0-0

SPAIN – Spanish La Liga champions Real Madrid beat Almerio 2-1 in their first game, with goalkeeper David Alaba scoring a brilliant goal from a direct free-kick. Despite the new signings, Barcelona have only managed a goalless draw on the pitch at Vallecano.

Real Madrid score 3 points despite home opening goal

Billy Ballet Mussels on the Playground Almeria In the 6th minute, he made a substitution to overcome a goal behind Ramadan. The trophy winner had to wait until the 61st minute to score his first goal of the season when Lucas scored Vazquez. real Continued to work hard for the winning goal, but it finally came in the 75th minute.Just before that, he sent the trainer to the lawn Ancelotti free rider arabhe put the ball in immediately and kicked a brilliant shot straight away real for a 2:1 ratio. Billy Ballet thus got the first 3 points of the season and started the right way to defend the title.

Barca’s start was not ideal, only a draw at Vallecano

soccer player FC Barcelona Nez Radley starts the new season in La Liga as they draw at home on Saturday Ray Vallecano 0:0.home trainer Harvey Hernandez He admitted he didn’t win the team’s first game, but stressed they still had to believe in the game that would lead them to the title.

In the “Blaugranas” starting lineup, three summer signings appeared – Gunner Robert Lewandowskibrazílsky krídelník Rafinha A dánsky defends Andreas Christensen. The Polish striker was the closest to the goal in the first half, but despite this, he had finished with precision and offside cost him the chance to enjoy the first precision hit from the jersey. Barcelona.

“We want to show our fans that we are on the right path. Výsledkami raised great expectations in pre-season preparations and assignments, but this is just the beginning. Today is a disappointment for every Barcelona fan “We’ve got to have faith in this style of play, it’s the right way to win titles. We’ve been very nervous,” Barcelona coach tells AP HarveyThe “Catalan” finished in the semi-final when captain Sergio had to leave early after a second yellow card in extra time. Busquets.


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