Our neighbors are going through massive changes due to the coronavirus

26/07/2022 18:08 Coronavirus

VIEDEŇ – As of August 1st, Austria will lift quarantines for people infected with the novel coronavirus.

declare this at a press conference in Vienna on Tuesday Health Minister Johannes Rauch. Infikované osoby tests positive The disease about Covid 19, necítia choro, tak they will be able to leave the house However musia nosiť type FFP2 respirator. They can drop them as long as they are in nature, but at least no one is two meters away from them.

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from 1st August will be able to transfer It is also possible to use a respirator in the workplace. This does not apply to occupations where a respirator would make the job impossible, such as speech therapists. Rauch told reporters that this is already a new phase of the pandemic in which tools to fight the new coronavirus in the form of vaccines and drugs are available.

Cancel Mandatory Quarantine pre infikovaných Austrósko pristouplo aj Due to psychological and social consequences koronavsové krízy, zdôvodnil. At the same time, however, he urged residents to be more careful: Sick people stay home. “

Currently, paid in Austria after confirming nákazy minimum päťdňová quarantine. The incidence of Sedemdňová nákazy currently represents 900 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in Austria. compared to the same period last year There are many hospitals in the hospital more coronavirus patients.

However, the Austrian government’s decision was criticized by the federal states of Vienna, Burgenland and Carinthia. The Chamber of Medicine calls for additional measures.

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