Our football is no longer surprising.From Japan to Olaf to Fortune League

August 9, 2022 08:41

Japanese football players in the Fortuna League are no longer surprising. However, to get attention, standing on the ich cesta, they kept following it to prvoligové slovenské trávniky.

There has been nothing special about veterans in our highest level football league for a long time. Slovenský prvoligový football is open to a wide range of players, but from virtually every corner of the planet.

But read carefully now – according to the statistics available, at least one minute has been added to the entire history of the independence era in Slovenian competition at the highest level, with footballers from 104 different countries around the world!

Patrí medzi nich aj ďaleké Japan. No one is surprised when they think that footballers from the “vychádájucňa súare” country can even run on the pitch of the Slovenian league.All in all, it is still very painful in the God of Fortune Alliance, and there is currently a chance to transplant one, specifically Shimamura Yushi.

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Juši Šimamura, MFK Zemplín Michalovce

Source: mfzkemplin.sk

also Kubasa Nihi In 2018 and until recently Oshima Takutoaj Juša has a place in the jersey of the MFK Zemplín Michalovce club.

It’s also an interesting story of how these players from East Asia got to the football field under Mount Tatier and then to Zeplin. Cubasa Niši came to MFK from neighboring Poland, but Takuto Ošima and Juši Šimamur unexpectedly came to MFK from IV. Slovenian league.

Ošima, now an important player in poľskej Krakow Krakowwith the club to Mikhalowicz TJ Družstevník ŽupčanyBut his countryman Juši Šimamura SK Tvrdošín. Today, the two aforementioned teams are still fighting for the next league spot.

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ŠK Tvrdošín has long been investing in Japanese footballers

Source: FB – ŠK Tvrdošín

From as far away as Japan to Olaf

we can talk Peter Mahonkwho is the number one in Tvrdošín football club, the team that is open to foreign players, this is clearly confirmed by two other Japanese in Tvrdošín Tatsuya Onodera One Ishimaru Ryoda. Okrem nich “kope” on Oraves and Serbs Andrea Donisievic A pawn shop from far away Colombia Fabrizio Tamasco Sanchez.

In fact, the piatoligov Slovenian club already has four foreign players, dnes nie vyslovenou raritou, but think about it, Tvrdošín derú kopačky already has two Japanese players, but these are not the first to join the club, which has caused many attention.

“I have a very good friend in Japan who keeps me in sync with the young Slovenian footballers there,” vysvetljuva for ŠPORT.sk Peter Machunka, in Tvrdošíne is not lazy to go to the club, even the goalkeeper of ŠK.

“First of all, it’s about presenting yourself here with a good eye and then surrendering in Europe. I would like to be in Slovakia, the Czech Republic or Poland. The first two Japanese I see here are Ryuki Hayashi and Jun Yamamoto. Both Excellent player. Ryuki is getting older and now he’s a football manager and he’s gradually taking over from my Japanese friend.” President ŠK Tvrdošín continued.

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Peter Machunka and Juši Šimamura on the airport road

Source: Archiv Petra Machunku

Argentina in the first half in Oravo. 70 euros

Absolutely the most successful Japanese player through Tevredosin is the 22-year-old creative midfielder Shimamura Yushi. He currently plays for MFK Zemplín Michalovce. At the same time, he took aim at Olaf from the other side of the globe – from Argentina, where he tried his hand in the reserves of a well-known club newell old boy.

“He called and said he wanted to come and teach. I saw that our Japanese players already had accommodation, food and some funds so they could live a little bit, it’s just that they had to be tied up at the airport. That’s not a problem,” he said. , but everything is covered, I just wanted to show you. “ Peter Machunka’s first meeting with Šimamur is described.

“He stayed with us for three weeks at the end of the season, but we could tell from his first touch that he was already a good footballer. I immediately concluded that such a player has not We’re in IV. The league is looking, but it has to go higher” Interview with golman Tvrdošína, “I asked him to go back to Japan, come back to us in the winter, play half a season, there is a possibility of coming back.” You can see from him that his performance has reached a higher level. “

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Japanese Takuto Oshima sa zo IV. ligy via Michalovce to Cracow Cracow

Source: cracovia.pl

“Of course, the I. League was a big leap. Hral trained with us for half a year, but at the same time, I found Mir Nemac, who was Michaloviec’s coach at the time, and told him what players we had in the team. Let them Try. When they calm down, they might hire him,” Peter Machunka said at his hometown address from Tokyo, but he also briefly returned to his commitments from as far away as Argentina.

“When he finished his studies, he was allowed to walk from there to Tvrdošín. It cost us 70 euros because he came to us as an amateur. But after that, if he finished half a semester here, We couldn’t find anything for him, he might choose to go back to Japan. I’m glad he finally decided to stay, but now he’s playing for Michalovce. Juši is a great player, but even Norbert Hrnčár didn’t give him much Opportunity, I believe his time will come.” he claimed.

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ŠK Tvrdošín vsádza aj na foreign football player

Source: FB – ŠK Tvrdošín

Učenie sa “rýdzej” slovenčina a spojenie dvoch svetov

It is not easy for anyone to change the environment and adapt. Everything is new to you, you need to get used to everything and adapt to the environment. This is often difficult if you change your address in Slovenia. That’s not the case when we’re talking about the Japanese who decided to try their luck on Orava.

“I’ll tell you publicly – I’m also surprised that these people have shown interest in going to those places,” Peter Machuca said with a smile, “Thanks to Juši, Tacuja Onodera is with us because they are friends. He is in II. League to Malta, where he is already a little too much foreigner because of that failure. Let’s fix this, he has to Work hard here to go further.”

The people of Tvrdošín immediately fell in love with young footballers from far away Asia. “I’m afraid the locals won’t treat them well, but they’ll avoid them, but on the contrary.” Already lazy when they wander around the city, tak ich odnaží zdávia. Majú ich is very popular here.

The first two players, Ryuki Hajaši and Jun Yamamoto, have made a good name for Japanese footballers here. People like them, but they like to play football because of them. “ continue.

“I don’t want to learn English, but I forgot some Slovenian words.” Of course, if that’s what you learned the first time you went to the cabin, it hurts. They learn the fastest,” Peter Machunka smiled, “But they are very obedient, hardworking, especially non-conflicting people.”

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Peter Machunka is a Japanese footballer who plays in ŠK Tvrdošín

Source: FB – ŠK Tvrdošín

It’s a pleasure to work with them.non-conflicting and diligent

Japan is also known for its dedication rather than discipline. They could see something similar at the Durworth Club. Peter Machunka even claims that even with players from the border, he gets along better than with domestic players.

“These guys play with us for almost free. Majú pokryté ubytovanie aaj stravu, no vával najám ájnej námietky. I can honestly say that when I first arrived, there were foreign players as well as domestic players who were asking high prices for the V-League Outrageous, which is kind of weird.

That’s why we prefer to go the way of foreigners, they had three or four people at the time, and if someone jumped out, the whole club could benefit from it later. “ explain.

Also, as I also pointed out, Japanese football players are said to be happy to work with them, “pretože sú absolutne nekonfliktní a vlosto, čo od nich žiadame, bez slova s​​plnia.” Our people are therefore lazy because they want to go higher, but do not surrender anywhere. They saw that Juši had acquired this, but their compatriot Takuto Ošima had reached Ekstraklasa, Poland, via Michalovce. “

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ŠK Tvrdošín with the players of FK Železiarne Podbrezová

Source: Natalia Medvedka

Futbalový sviatok a sen o III.alliance

ŠK’s Petr Machunk said that even though Tvrdošín is a regional town with almost 10,000 inhabitants, such an action would not be enough for V. League. At the same time, the club is not only gradually expanding its area, but also in sports, which confirms some of the youth options in Tevldosin, which are carried out in III. highest competition.

Otherwise, there is always the necessary funding to achieve the bigger goal. ŠK Tvrdošín is trying to “glue” this in every way.

“Some things are given by the city, some by sponsors, some by us at the entrance. It will also give us some attitude and a buffet of stadiums. We know how to cover it up with all those pennies. But We still have to come up with something because no one is giving you anything for free today.” Peter Machunka noted that when Podbrezova traveled to Olaf in the second round of the Slovnaft Cup, he believed that even Tuesday’s “futbalový sviatok” could help the club financially. “It might help us for a season or two,” He laughed.

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Veľkým plánom, however, is involved in III. alliance. “Our goal is to progress higher in each category. That’s our ambition, but our A-tím definitely has to go higher because it’s a good place, but we should at least play III “The highest competition. This is my biggest goal. It’s not easy at all, but I want to achieve it,” Added by Peter Machunka before ŠPORT.sk.

Tvrdošín is seventh with seven points after five matches at V. liga Stredoslovenského futbalového zväzu. Gbeľany lost five points while leading.

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