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Three years later, Dražovský kostolík welcomed Bežeckých lovers.

The last in 2019 was the Beh Zoborskou lesostepou competition. The pandemic canceled for another two years.

After a three-year hiatus, runners can finally date at a photogenic spot near St. John’s Church. Michala, týčiaceo sa pri juhozápadnom cípe Tribeča, vybehněl po čarvných chodníčkoch na Pyramídu i češ.

Patronát nad akciou read the Citizens’ Association Ultra puls, which has prepared new lawns, three of which – 51 km, 21 km and 10.5 km in length. The participants were invited to the fight by Mayor Marek Hattas and the host Dušan Harangozó took care of the atmosphere.

Rain at night makes the foundation softer and more technical, so proper footwear is important. Sýte stupania dali to all participants However, Pookriali has a beautiful view and the atmosphere in the woods is occasionally accentuated by the loud rustling of deer in the ruja. On the dvoch dlhších tratiach there is the občervstovacie station available which can replenish your strength at the end of the day.

A full 181 runners ended up enjoying the new Prime Minister Beh Zoborská lesostepu. It was evaluated in up to 15 categories, in which more than half of the representatives of Nitry, Zlatých Moraviec and Šale won the championship.

“We read the baton after the previous ostrieľano organizer who set the latku very high. That’s why we believe our efforts to create a new website and promote the event will only be assessed by the runners after the race. The reactions of today’s participants Very positive, which makes us very happy. The new lawns on the wooden steppe seem to have proved themselves, but obviously they are the rule. We are all looking forward to the deadline again,” said Janka Lédětiová of the organizer’s staff.

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what the category winners said

* Mate Palenick: “I ran this track last year, and it was my first year, but I really liked it, so I signed up again. I ran really well, 43 minutes better than last time, which made me happy .”
* Jan Samejak: “Today, the weather was great for running, so it was possible to run at a decent pace in a nice off-road environment. It was my first time at this event, but I was amazed at how the race was organized. I really enjoyed the races, Of course, if I’m healthy, I’ll do it again at some point. Pre ženu tú dlhšiu 50-ku.
* Andrea Belzarova: “Zobor is my favorite, it runs very well. The silhouette of the new turf is very well chosen. The top three women got away with it, but despite a little confusion they managed to find a way to win.”

Z results vyberáme

51 km

Men under 39: 1. Matej Páleník (Topoľčianky) 4:26:02, 2. Ivan Husár (Nitra) 4:48:40, 3. Patrik Havetta (Zl. Moravce) 5:11:08.
Men 40-49: 1. Peter Polačik (Madunice) 5:35:04.
Men over 50: 1. Stano Skladaný (Nitra) 5:49:50.
Women under 39: 1. Valentína Grendová (Revúca) 5:44:18.
Women over 40: 1. Denisa Kušnierová (Trnava) 6:07:44.

21 km

Men under 39: 1. Peter Žáčik (SMTA Nitra) 1:53:34, 2. Peter Gerši 1:59:50, 3. Andrej Lenner (Benger Broders) 2:08:14.
Men aged 40-49: 1. Jan Sameliak (Nitra) 1:59:32, 2. Slavomír Vinkovič (Stupava) 2:01:20, 3. Daniel Mako (Čakajovce) 2:08:36.
Men over 50: 1. Michal Lengyel (Nitra) 2:04:34, 2. Milan Havetta (Zl. Moravce) 2:25:26, 3. Walter Vilucchi (LF Sarntal) 2:28:33.
Women under 39: 1. Lýdia Drahovská (3rd Bratislava) 2:04:11, 2. Lucia Ondriašová 2:34:20, 3. Dominika Ondriašová (both Zlaté Moravce) 2:40 :39.
Women aged 40-49: 1. Katarína Drahovská (Piešťany) 2:24:48, 2. Anna Havranová (Náhoda) 2:30:06, 3. Katarína Lukačková (Náhoda) 2:35:33.

10.5 km

Men under 39: 1. Radoslav Kopčan (Bánovce) 51:43, 2. Adam Kĺbik (BK Duslo) 52:28, 3. Martin Turček (Beh cez Plešovice) 54:09.
Men aged 40-49: 1. Miroslav Kadorík (Zl. Moravce) 54:35, 2. Ivan Urcikán (Bojničky) 58:44, 3. Radovan Hasilla (Nitra) 59:06.
Men over 50: 1. Štefan Gibala (Nitra) 1:02:34, 2. Karol Hudeček (KB Levice) 1:03:43, 3. Jaroslav Baťo (Pyxida Č. Kľačany) 1:05:21.
Women under 39: 1. Andrea Belzarová (Šaľa) 1:03:15, 2. Adriána Naňová 1:13:06, 3. Jana Majerčíková (V. Lapáš) 1:19:57.
Women over 40: 1. Dagmar Vargová (Bojničky) 1:03:13, 2. Jana Horniačková 1:03:26, 3. Ivana Janásová (V. Lapáš) 1:10:59.

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