NBA: Luka Doncic – a young man who wowed the world

27 July 2020 07:20

More than 10,000 spectators at the Wizink Center in Madrid were stunned when a long-range shot fell into the basket at halftime. But the boy from Slovenia smiled lazily. It was December 2017, but Luka Dončič was only 18 years old. Even so, he is still rumored to be the greatest talent in European basketball for years to come.

He contributed 16 points, 6 rebounds and 7 assists at the small basket in the Clasico, but he was instrumental in Real’s victory over Barcelona (87:75). The most in Real Madrid’s All-Star squad, but the standard is usually higher.

Doncic’s long-distance parade was as spectacular as Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo’s performances at the Clasico. Lenže ctižiadostivý and Ľubľany’s little boys have bigger ambitions than len zabávát Spanish or Europa League spectators. About a year later, he’s already producing dychberúce moves in the NBA.

He was the 2019/2020 Rookie of the Year in his first season wearing a Dallas Mavericks jersey, but was halted in March by the coronavirus pandemic, and his 2019/20 2020 stats in three of the most important stats were halted. Small averages are already significant world parameters: 28.7 points, 9.3 rebounds and 8.7 assists per game. In 54 games, he recorded 14 valuable triple-doubles. It all happened at the age of 21, but the average time spent on deck was less than 28 minutes.

Vzormi otec a krstný otec, only 16 minutes in a 10-year-old

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Slovenian basketball player Luka Doncic.

Source: Reuters

If so, did Dončič appreciate this complexity at a young age? But what’s behind a team that has mastered the transition from junior to men’s? Aj v jeho dježi platí, že apple nepadlo faro od stromu alebo očer, že A student skipped his teacher at an early age.

His father, Sasha, played professional basketball in Slovenia, Serbia and France. More importantly, it is dotiahol jeho krstný otec. Rasho Nesterovič has played in the NBA for Minnesota, San Antonio, Toronto and Indiana, and in 2005 he even lifted a trophy as a Spurs player.

When Saša Dončič played for Olimpija Ľubľan in 2007, his 8-year-old son was already trying to imitate him. During games, he sat behind the rim and took the court during breaks to practice his father’s rebounding style. Even so, he was part of Olympia’s under-10 team, but only for a short time.

“I was his coach for 16 minutes. The boy was taller than his peers, but much better. But when he stepped on the court, you could feel that the leader had arrived. Obviously, basketball was already in his In the blood. He played 16 minutes, on the second deň sme ho presunuli medzi 12-ročný,” Introduced by Dončič’s first trainer, Grega Brezovec, quoted on the BBC Portal.

Technika aj fyzická sila, young man, he was ahead of his time

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Luka Doncic, Dallas Mavericks

Source: TASR

Two years later, at the age of about 12, Luka was scrutinized by scouts from major European clubs. The boy’s performances for the club and the Slovenian national team continued until the age of 13. At his age, the ball-handling technique has been mastered so perfectly that he can even finish the game without breaking a sweat. Okrem toho oplýval aj Physical strength required for landing or doing other work around the basket.

“All these great moves he’s showing in the NBA now, we’ve seen a much younger version of him in Slovenia. Of course now he’s taller, faster and stronger. However, we’ve seen it all in Ljubljana. Base,” Introduced by Olimpija Ľubľan Lojza Šiško Youth Coach.

As expected, an offer has been received for mládežníckej akademie popredného talianskeho klubu Montepaschi Siena. It fell because he announced an irresistible transfer. The 14-year-old Doncic has not gone to Real Madrid five times. Slovenia’s Vyčnievať medzi mladežníkmi and Real Madrid are two different things. However, even in the Spanish metropolis, Doncic quickly reached a higher age class than his father.

In the 2014/2015 season, he was only 15 years old, but he has already helped Real Madrid turn 18 and has also appeared in A-tím’s reserves. At a young age, he became the MVP of the Budučicich Genezarii tournament, the junior league equivalent of the Euroleague. Helped Real Madrid beat Red Star Belgrade in the final. But then it happened, at the end of the 2014/2015 season, he made his first appearance at the famous Real Madrid. He is only 16 years old.

“Everyone talks about him, he’s already a great player. But we produce three or four great basketball players every year in our junior year, and you won’t hear from them in a few years. But when I see him, if in training, he catches the ball and dribbles behind the back with his left hand, which is not common even among the biggest professionals.

His hands catch the ball like a yo-yo, but he knows exactly what he’s going to do to her next. That’s the talent that hard work supports, and the performance of the player’s hand-eye coordination. “ predniesol praised Dončič’s former Real Madrid player Joe Arlauckas. “I’ve fallen in love with him since then, but I’m still watching his basketball pace,” Add to.

16-year-old boy’s 2-minute three-pointer

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Luka Doncic in game against Golden State Warriors

Source: SITA

In January 2016, a major Europa League match against CSKA Moscow awaited Real Madrid. The Spaniard injured several players, including Sergio Lul. The decision fell on the young Dončič, aby rozbehol zámaj ako člen záká nej pěkky. Against him is one of the best defenders in the game – American Kyle Hines. But with CSKA coaches convinced of that, and on the other hand, the youngster’s inexperience and lack of guts to make a harder punch left him quite a bit of room. This is a big mistake.

“During the game, the coach yelled at me: ‘He’s not serving. Bráňte ho hlboko a necht ho nech vystrelí.'” But the opposite was true. Doncic hit three 3-pointers within two minutes of the second quarter, but it was a game. I’ve never seen a 16-year-old lead Real Madrid. He knows exactly what he wants, and you trust him. He doesn’t speak like a 6 year old. “ Hines thought years later.

Arlauckas said in one breath that Dončič is definitely not Superman. He bet the coach would yell at him even if he didn’t win the game. He was seen crying on the bench after what the coach did during the Europa League game against Darussafaka in Istanbul. What sets him apart from most, however, is his ability to accept criticism and learn from his mistakes.

“He’s a lazy guy, but he’s not going to play a bad game. But in the next games, he’s going to recover well. You can see determination, desire and tenacity in his eyes.” Important podotkol Arlauckas, who commented on basketball for Euroleague TV after his career.

Eighteen-year-old European title mature

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Luka Dončič in a Slovenia jersey

Source: Reuters

In 2017, Doncic stormed into the national team stage, immediately claiming the historic European title for Slovenia. Nine wins and nine wins is a statistic worthy of being recorded in history. In the quarterfinals, the Slovenian faced the Latvian, beating them 103-97 thanks to Doncic’s 27 points and nine rebounds. In the semifinals, coach Igor Kokoshkov’s team nearly destroyed a fully loaded Spaniard (92:72), but the 18-year-old had 11 points, 12 rebounds and eight assists .

In the final against the Serbs (93:85), he has ceded his shooting rhythm to a seasoned teammate after having to retire in the third quarter with an ankle injury. Even so, Doncic impressed in Istanbul, but he will be remembered as a teenager with one of the best solo performances in Europe’s all-time top competition.

“It sounds great, but at that tournament, if a player matures, he wants to be 18. What he showed on the deck was a sign of basketball maturity,” Catch up with Arlauckas on the BBC website.

The following season, Doncic led Real to a 10th Europa League title. In the semi-final, he won CSKA Moscow with 16 points, and in the final against Fenerbahce, he scored 15 points. He was declared the youngest MVP in Euroleague history, and he also became a Final Four MVP, but he also took home the Most Improved Player award. Then came naturally to the stage of the NBA. The young Slovenian was selected with the third overall pick in Dallas in April’s draft, but he has benefited greatly from the draft since then.

“He’s a rookie in the NBA, but he’s an All-Star. But he’s not yet 22. His potential is huge,” Hines thought. Arlauckas added a bigger superlative: “What you’re seeing is a young man who is going to be the best in the world. And in a very short period of time.”

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