Legendary Jaromír Jágr creates an unusual ad

PRAGUE — Once again, the hockey legend has shown he’s no stranger to humor.

The hockey icon has repeatedly convinced people that he not only knows how to play with his teammates and friends, but also with himself. The latest evidence is his unconventional job advert, which he has spoken to with NHL managers.

“Hey GMs – I’m a free agent, already for myself. 6.3 (stopy) 265 (libier)…I have 50 hands, I’m slow, but I have strong hands. I can take Come experience, I like to “play home games. Call me anytime. But if I own a club in the Czech Republic – I need to sign a defender. This is no joke. ” Jaromír Jágr posts on social networks.

A two-time Stanley Cup champion and one of the best forwards in hockey history, even at age 50, he’s gearing up for another season of his Kladne. The second most prolific NHL player in history played his final game in the most beautiful hockey league in the world on December 31, 2017, wearing a Calgary Flames jersey.

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Source: Blesk/Netky Ida Železníková

Photo: TASR

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