Kmotrík talks about Weiss’ future. športový dirítátor – Šport – Futbal – Európske pohárhe ended up in Slovenia

Majiteľ futbalového Slovenian Ivan Kmotrík st. spoke about the future of the club’s coach Vladimir Weiss after travelling to Yerevan for the UEFA League game.

16.09.2022 18:04, Updated: 19:25


Ivan Kmotrík Sr. in archived photos.

“Wes’s future is in his hands, and he has a lot of offers, but as long as I’m in the Slavs, I don’t know how long, Wes just stays with me.” Everything else is garbage,” Kmotrík st. introduced. Before RTVS.

Meanwhile, sporting director Richard Truetz has confirmed he has joined the club. Trutz will be temporarily replaced by one of the old duo Vladimir Weiss or Boris Kitka, with Sloven planning to bring in a new sporting manager by the end of the week.

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“As of today, the sporting director is not our employee. As of today, none of the scouts are our employees.

In any case, we draw consequences from the resulting dispute between management and the cabin.

We’ll be adding a sporting director this week, but maybe Vlado Weiss or Boris Kitka will be replaced, I’m not sure yet,” said Kmotrík st.

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After two EKL matches, the Slavs are last in the Group H table. They have a point but haven’t scored yet.

Old Weiss coach he was disappointed with the performance of his subordinates in Amensk. “Pjunik is better, we barely showed anything and we got the consequences,” he announced Thursday night.

Ikhez Verenkov are awaiting Sunday’s league derby in Terneuf, where they host Basel on October 6 in the European Cup.

Slovenian program and results in EKL

September 8 (9pm): Slovenian Bratislava – Sargiris Vilnius 0:0
September 15 (6:45pm): Pjunik Yerevan – Bratislava, Slovenia 2:0
October 6 (9pm): Basel – Bratislava, Slovenia
October 13 (6:45pm): Slovenian Bratislava – Basel
October 27 (9pm): Bratislava, Slovenia – Pjunik Yerevan
November 3rd (6:45pm): Žalgiris Vilnius – Bratislava, Slovenia

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