Katarský rekordér Football icon from the MS 2022 organizer’s country, about Domaniža fans: they surprise me

31 August 2022 15:55

It was a legendary game, at least in Domaniza. The club from the village of Považská Bystrica, the fifth highest competition participant, met the Qatar national team, the participants of the World Championship, at the 1.SW Wiener Neudorf Stadium.

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After some fierce battle, Domaniza lost 2-0 with the help of Qatar football legend Hassan al-Haidos. He was on the bench in the first half, but after the goalless game, the 31-year-old jumped on the pitch to mentally guide his teammates with the captain’s band.

The Qataris arrived in Vienna on 12 August. This is the ich druhe sústredenie in Auström this year. They initially graduated from the University of Tyrol, where they played against club rivals Belfast Linfield, Antwerp, Mallorca, Udinese, Lazio and Fiorentina.

In Vienna, they are now meeting the national team – over six days they have played against Morocco (2:2), Ghana (2:1) and Jamaica (1:1). Followed by TJ Partizán Domaniža… “Cítime sa vo Vienna is very good. We are in a good environment, we are well prepared. In our country, it may be a little difficult to prepare now. It is hot in Qatar at the moment, training and competition are very difficult. Here’s why,” Tell Sport Hassan Al Haydos.

The legend of Katarských pomeroch. He has 163 official interstate games on his account, a national record. But scoring 33 goals means the Qatar national team is fourth in the standings. Those numbers are sure to increase – maybe even in MS 2022.

Domaniž fans who created a pre domáčich až unexpected búrlívé environment in the stadium, rodák z Dohy nemohol prehliadnuť. “Honestly, they surprised me, I didn’t expect something like this to happen, but it’s beautiful and they create a great vibe,” Tell us about the player of Qatar’s leading club Al Sadd, who has won 18 trophies, including a victory in the Asian Champions League (2011) and third place in the Club World Cup (2011).

Hassan Al Haydos is now seeking success in Qatar. Although he has achieved some interesting things over the past few years – let’s mention a victory in the 2019 Asian Cup, or progress to the semi-finals of the 2021 Gold Cup. Qatar was invited to host the CONCACAF region champions, tied for the top four with the United States, Mexico and Canada. “The preparation is good. We are facing a high-quality team. In the game, we try to play our best. We are going one step at a time and we are trying to improve,” submit.

The match against Domanizo was inconclusive. “No, it’s not true, although it is a strong opponent. Strong teams are waiting for our preparations. We have to play against them because teams like Holland, Senegal and Ecuador are waiting for us in the Championship. It is very demanding. So we will play in Vienna in September with Canada or Chile. In general, we are not looking at the result, but if we complete our plan,” Introduced by Qatar football legends.

Qataris think they have achieved good results in domestic MS. “Hopefully! We’ll unleash everything. We’re at home. Let’s do our best. We have a good team and we’ll want to show it, but I’m sure, good results have been achieved,” Added before náš denník osobnosť katarského futbalu. Qatar will still be able to gauge their strength against their Slovenian rivals as they face Chamorin on September 6, possibly somewhere near Vienna.

first representative

Hassan Al Haydos ranks 19th on the list of the most iconic players in history with 163 games. He is one of seven active players, along with Kuwait striker Badr Mutawa, Portuguese ace Cristiano Ronaldo, Spanish defender Sergio Ramos, Honduras goalkeeper Menofigueroa, Italian goalkeeper Buffon and Jordan goalkeeper Amer Shafi. Granted, Sergio Ramos is currently absent from the national team, and we probably won’t see an increase in Buffon’s international appearances either. Could give Mutava an interesting shot, from Europe to the indestructible Ronaldo.

If nothing else, given Qatar’s plans, Al Haydos should still skip the four players above him during this period and attack the top 10 in the near future. Today, the undisputed leader of the rankings is 72-year-old Malaysian Soh Chin Ann, who played for his country from 1969 to 1984. However, his example shows the weakness of similar stats, especially outside of Europe, as his starts have indeed skyrocketed, but many are unsubstantiated. Of course, the Malaysians held on to 250 matches, Medzinárodná komisia futbalových historikov a statistikov (RSSSF) conceded 219 matches.

250 Su Jinan Malaysia

192 Bad Mutawa Kuwait

186 Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal

184 Ahmed Hassan Egypt

180 Sergio Ramos Spanish

180 Ahmed Mubarak Oman

179 Meno Figueroa Honduras

178 Gianluigi Buffon Italy

178 Claudio Suarez Mexico

178 Mohammad al-Drayeh Saudi Arabia

176 Horsam Hassan Egypt

176 Amer Shafi Jordanian

175 Jose Guardado Mexico

172 Shuksale Malaysia

168 Ivan Hurtado Ecuador

167 Ike Casillas Spanish


164 Kobe Jones U.S.

163 Hassan Haydos Qatar

163 Mohammad Kelevi Saudi Arabia

The number of starts for the late national team is followed by the player’s name and the country he played for, respectively.

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