Juventus have new signings, Kstic arrives from Frankfurt

Taliansky Juventus are building a team ahead of the new season. The latest signing of the famous club is Serbian winger Filip Kostic from Eintracht Frankfurt, for which the German team will receive 12 million euros.

The transfer also includes a bonus of 5 million, with the 29-year-old footballer signing a four-year contract in the new season. Kostiča was very interested in England’s West Ham, but his move to Roma’s Lazio last year failed. Krstic finally has no regrets, as he had a very successful season in Frankfurt, Finally won the Europa League. The Serb was even voted the best player of the game.

“Herach has talent, strength and speed, he can cover the entire space on the sidelines. However, over the past few years he has shown that he has been able to play in multiple positions. His strongest side is attacking and Get ready for a scoring opportunity,” Stand in the official statement of the club.

Korstic was under contract with Frankfurt until the end of his term, but he played 171 games in total, scoring 33 goals and preparing 64 precise hits for his teammates. Raised by club Radnički Kragujevac, after playing in Groningen, the Netherlands, he moved to the Bundesliga, where he played for Stuttgart, where he beat Hamburger SV after relegation. In 2018, you represented Serbia at the World Championships.

Juventus raped me in this transfer window Angel Di Maria, Paul Pogba, Andrea Cambiasso (to host Bologna) or Bremer. On the other hand, the club Aaron Ramsey (end of contract), Matthijs De Ligt (Bayern Munich) and Paolo Dybal (AS Rím). The old lady also sent Luca Pellegrini to Frankfurt to host.


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