Jozef Oklamčák started the Veterans Grand Prix at Pezinská Baba. Netkám reveals why he loves červenú farbu!

Historic car and motorcycle enthusiasts meet at the 15th Pezinská Baba Veľká ceny veteránov! Regular uphill races with historic vehicles are organized by the Pezinok Senior Automobile Club. In the past, you didn’t let hundreds of visitors slip away. It competes in several categories. Historic cars, utility vehicles and motorcycles with production dates up to 1970, as well as newer unique vehicles, can participate.

“Our Veľká cena is revived after 11 years. This year about 110 veterans participated. In addition, we also exhibited about 50 cars, tractors, vintage bicycles and, of course, motorcycles.” The organizers of the competition said Ladislav Kovacs.

All the participants gathered in the padoku area, and there were not even examples of twenty or thirty hands. Representing Alfa Romeo, Jaguar, Porsche and several cocky American coupes and convertibles. Over the course of the day, the historic car was jazzed up.

“Tým, this is Veľká cena Veteránov, nejazdíme na češně, ale na právidlnosť. This means that the competitors have gone to the same route twice, but have started measuring each time. They have to finish the second race before the first race The one with the smallest time difference is the winner.” race organizer explained Ladislav Kovacs.

The contest was started by Jozef Oklamčák, a female beauty expert and admirer of historical veterans.

“I admit, I have already started for the first time. I am delighted that our Czechoslovenian Leva member, Lacko Kováč, organized such a wonderful event. Thank you, I have entrusted me with an honorable responsibility. The good thing is that I can already see each car in detail. My favorite car is a Ferrari, but I’ll admit, my favorite color is red. I love this classic red Ferrari with the yellow logo,” Beauty experts reveal Joseph Okramchuk.

The head of the competition, Jozef Oklamčák, was assisted at the start by Bratislava’s politician and deputy mayor, Marcela Kulifajová.

“It’s a new, beautiful experience for me. The Veterány is a beautiful car and I really like it. Some dogs crave vintage cars, themed dresses, so I feel like there are some models, as if we’ve traveled back in time,” she comforts herself Marcela Kulifayova.

The old people had a great time in the quarry all day. Everyone loves tpmbola and concerts by rock singers Pala Drapák and Igor Kmeť, regardless of age.

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“There are beautiful cars now, but people don’t like cars…I’m particularly fascinated by American cars.” And my yellow car in the video clip Let’s go here. It was a great event and I commend the organizers for what a great car I bought for them,” did not hide the joy Igor Kemez Jr..

The winner received a wreath to wear around the neck at a premium price. The first price is a carouselit hovered over Pezinska Babo.

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