Italy’s advantage, but the decisive factor will be performance

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Yesterday was exactly a month and a half and he didn’t show up on the field during the game. Sparta Prague winger Lukas Halaslin was forced off the pitch at the start of the Czech Republic’s first-round tie against Liberec in the new season. There were subsequent breaks due to knee problems, but those are a thing of the past.

That’s why the 26-year-old Bratislava has been nominated for the first time by the new coach of the Slovenian national team, Frantisek Karzonu. Not long after it was published, but at the same time, just a few days before Summerlin’s first fall meeting, I was able to talk to him about it.

Sparty winger LUKÁŠHARASLÍN is in good health, but he is not absent for Prime Minister’s nomination Francesca Calzona

You are in the squad for the international league Budukotýždňové against Azerbaijan and Belarus. Znamena to, have you explicitly provided zdravotne v pródujáda?

“Yeah. I’m already good at it. It’s been great, so to speak. I’m in my third week on the court. The only thing I miss is the game. Before that, I did everything to get back as soon as possible.”

The forced blackout lasted more than six weeks. It all started with a relatively innocent fight at the start of the match against Liberec. How much did you spend?

“I have a problem with my knee, especially my ligaments. Luckily, no surgery is needed. I’m happy, I’m fine. It’s behind me, but now I hope, I can play as soon as possible.”

Since your injury, what have you done to bounce back?

“I did all the rehab exercises I could. In the gym on the playground. Everything went according to plan, even faster because I was waiting so I would pause longer. With tohto pohjetu teda finally alle dobre dopadlo. I believe I can join before the league with Ostrava at the weekend.”

Did you get an invitation to the national team? Spiritual help for Aj ako after a tough time in the maróda position?

“Every invitation to the national team makes me happy. Even though I haven’t played for a long time, I haven’t forgotten how to play.”

Have you communicated with coach Francesco Calzon or anyone on his team in the past few days?

“I’m in touch with the implementation team. We can talk about my fitness. I talked about, if that’s what I’m doing, I’m sending results. I’m all good, I’ve been training full-time for a long time, But I’m ready for the game. I know a thing or two about football, but I believe it still pays off.”

Your child has already mastered Italian thanks to several years of working in Parma and Sasol. Considering which country the national team coach and several members of his realization team are from, do you see that as an advantage?

“It was definitely an advantage, I already knew Italian, but it cost a few people. The performance on the pitch is what matters, but only if we all work together. From the players to the members of the implementation team. Milan Škriniar, Stanko Lobotka, Jura Kucka and Nora Gyombér also understand Italian. Each of us can help translate for other players if necessary. Communication is important, of course, but I don’t think there will be a problem in that regard.”

At least give your Italian a good review, because you’ve been in Prague for a long time, right?

“I’m connected to my former teammates, so I don’t forget them that much…”

What do you expect from your new coach?

“It will be similar to our experience in Italy.” I hope we will talk a lot about tactics and what everyone has to do on the pitch. I wondered what it would be like to train under a new coach. I believe it will work and we will succeed, but we will gradually get back to where we belong. ”

Lukash Haraslin.

Source: TASR

Do you know how Francesco Calzona performed in the Italian club speech?

“I signed up, I was already in Naples. We could even meet in person, even while I was in Parma. That was a long time ago, though.

What do you think of his prime minister nomination? Okrem toho, already satisfied with your name, interested in a few others?

“There are a lot of people in our team who have mostly played for the national team before. However, that’s not a problem for me. That’s where the coach picks the players, so we won’t discuss it.”

In June, you played three matches in Ligy národov Group C, which is not a good idea. What are you looking forward to in the two matches against Azerbaijan and Belarus in September?

“We know we have the process in hand. Nevertheless, we will do everything we can so that we can succeed. But at the same time, we also want to save Kazakhstan, who are currently leading. There must be a quality game.”

The Slovenian national team is starting a new phase. Are you looking forward to it? Will it bring the urge to win?

“I believe yes. We all want to be successful. We have quality, we just have to show it in the game. I believe we can handle it.”

The little ones could play at home twice in September, but we ended up hosting Bielorus in the Serbian town of Bachka Toppola. How do you feel about this unusual situation?

“It’s weird, but it’s due to the current rules, but it has nothing to do with it. We have no influence on it. We need to be ready, just like we did at home in Slovakia, whether it’s in Bratislava or At Trnava in our stadium. I am sure the Slovenian fans will even find a way to Srbusk, but they will encourage us to go for the win.”

Let’s spend some time on the club board. How would you rate Sparty’s previous league performance?

“We definitely imagined but wanted a better start to the season. Although we had a break, we only had three wins because we’ve played four. We need to start over. We want to play against Russia now. Tee off in Trafal and then continue with good performances and results after the national team break.”

What has the team been missing over the past few weeks to switch the balance of the game over to you?

“Probably more goals. I really want to sleep. However, we focus on what happens, not what happens. Unsuccessful results, and vypadnutie z cuparove Europe, sme hodili.

The wedding is VÝBORNÁ

About three months ago, Lukáš Haraslín told his longtime girlfriend Nicol. The wedding took place at a manor near Bratislava in Tomas. At home, they did not miss their family, but their closest family, Lukash’s representative teammates and former teammates Marek Hamsik and Vladimir Weiss Jr. and Robert Mai. “The wedding was great. I think everyone who came had a great time. We all loved it so much,” Tell us about Haraslín, who is raising his son Luca with his new wife. Last April ten did ich životov pribudol.

have something to say

During a medical break, Lukáš Haraslín came to the Sparty hut for a party. His compatriot David Hanke moved to Feyenoord Rotterdam. “I’m praying for him. I’m happy, I’ve taken another step in my career, but I went to a big club. Everyone at Sparta is a fan of him. I’m looking forward to it in a while See you again later, this time with the national team. Definitely have something to say,” bratislavský rodák laughed.

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