Is Vémol’s Gorgeous Wedding a Scam?

PRAGUE – The Czech media today brought shocking news about the wedding of Karlos Vémolu and Lely Vémolovej (Ceterovej).

it ended yesterday The lavish wedding of the famous wrestler Carlos Vimolu. Udalosť roka in riešia aj dnes tamojšie mediá in the Czech Republic. You’ve noticed what a lot of people think — Czech actor Jiří Krampol presented the bride and groom. He told reporters yesterday that he had objevnie na oddávanie mladáželov vybavil zámzátník.

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Carlos Vimora Yesterday takto vysvetľoval, proček ichoddával well-known actor. “Jirka is a lifelong role model for me, a huge legend, she has a pre-toto quote and she has the right to drop it,” the wrestler said.

girikrampol However, today Blesk cz introduced: “I obviously don’t have the broadcasting rights, and the mayor’s medal around my neck is just a prop. I’m sure these two are married long ago, but I just ruined the wedding of the century. I wish them all the best. They already have two beautiful I’m glad you finally said síce prosté, ale Serious, yes’, Announcing Czech actors.

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Czech media is speculating whether yesterday’s sobáš Vémolovcov was even platný. Viaceré z nich has been introduced podlas neoverených információs sa pár had to uncover this secret a few weeks ago.

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Photo: FB Karlos Terminátor Vémola

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