Interview: Patrik Habánik transferred to FK Hajskal Ráztočno, Martin Škrtel calls

Two thousand people crowded into the stadium.Everyone’s Curious About Martin Skrtel’s Jersey Premiere FK Hajskala Ráztočno.

He did not disappoint in the 8smej ligy game. At 5:4, he scored and made another save.

Škrtel hral škobline, no strelecky explodoval člány iný účar.All goals scored by the opponent Slávia Chrenovec-Brusno Primary School achieve Patrick Habane, A 22-year-old amateur football player who works as a mechanic.

Even the former national team captain paid tribute to him and he decided to take the unusual step. He called him to move to Ráztočna and helped him win the whole game.

The talented Gunners accepted his offer. He was happy to receive the call.

Shortly before the end of the prestupového stage, you accepted an offer from Ráztočn, for whom you recently scored 4 goals. Why did you make this decision?

I know the trainer Roman Škrteľ and he has been convincing me. I’m also friends with Andrej Brzáč and the rest of the team.

There was a good party there. When the offer was received after the United match, they were good terms for futbalový rozvoj and I started to bring in.

I raise the possibility of supporting my Chrenovca behavior. When my trainer recommended it, I didn’t hesitate.

Has Martin Škrtel called you personally?

Yes. I was pleasantly surprised, it felt great. I don’t even know how to describe it. It’s good when the Slovenian football legend and ex-Liverpool player is interested in you. Good to know, you’ve noticed me.

What did he tell you?

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