In the High Tatras, they want to choose between the entrance fee and the activity fee

100 euros for wedding photos and 20 euros per person for running competitions.



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A visit to the High Tatras may no longer be free. Národný Park has published a price list and is preparing another. Fees will apply to events within the park, photography, filming, and access to the reserve itself. A TANAP representative told TV Noviny they wanted to use the money to maintain and improve tourism infrastructure.

voluntary so far

The National Park Service has not disclosed how much tourists will have to pay to enter the mountains. However, according to TANAP administrative director Pavel Majko, even a token euro is enough, as 4 million tourists visit the Tatras. They want to open the entrance this year, but for now this will be voluntary. They want to use apps or QR codes to create something modern, not the building systems of the past.

Junior athletes, mountain leaders and newlyweds who want to take pictures in the mountains all pay. Markíza TV broadcast the price list before the event. According to the document, they want to charge between 4 and 20 euros per person. This can be a problem for events that have closed registration but did not take into account the amount added by the organization. Newlyweds who want to take pictures in the Tatras should be prepared to charge. The price of the wedding photos will be one hundred euros.

Latest News Markízy sa szátky buduče táčať aj Mountain Leader. National Mountain Leaders Association president Joseph Janica criticized the crocodile, saying the TANAP government should focus on sensitive issues.

Súhlasíš So vtsutným do Vysokých Tatier?

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