“I filed a criminal case against myself.” What does Matovic have to do with this?

Bratislava – As a former member of the Movement for Ordinary and Independents and a current MP for SaS, he continues to amaze people.

On the show of Nora Dolinského Ahead of Plus 7 Days, he not only commented on his departure, but how it worked In the movement of Igor Matovic, But he also revealed an interesting fact. Krupa said in an interview, already He doesn’t feel good at the OĽaNO club After the president’s veto was broken in parliament. Podła jeho slov za ním chodili some colleagues With this, already let him know what he will be waiting for, Even a single OĽaNO does not support veto rights. However, he did not elaborate further on this.

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with his departure Richard Sulík sparks an earthquake in the political arena, such as a minister Naď introduced that he had expected something from him and he had given it to him in advance, but Krupp’s behavior had already disappointed him deeply. President of OĽaNO, He has been at odds with Richard Sulik for a long time and expressed his desire to quit politics, he expressed to Kupova on social networks. But it was this article that led Juraj Krúpa to take the unconventional step.

Let’s review Igor Matovič’s statement: “Zrada is not just vernosť. Prachy viac ako poctivosť. They are not fascists, prachy sú povatdou.”

Before the introduction of Plusku Krúpa, the He was so angry at the words of the leader OĽaNO that he even approached the authorities involved in the criminal proceedings: “I contacted representatives of the Special Prosecutor’s Office and the police to investigate the highest level of corruption suspicions,” Presented by the SaS MP in the Karty na stúl Nora Dolinského programme.

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Source: Karty na stūl/Netky Ida Železníková

Photo: Facebook J. Krúpa/TASR

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