I can’t imagine a season without European football

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Before the season, he became the captain of the defending masters, and he wants to successfully lead the qualifying stage of the European Cup into the main stage. He made an immediate splash in the Champions League’s first round qualifier when he scored a goal straight from a corner in extra time at the Dynamo Batumi. However, over the next few days, Vladimíra Weiss Jr. suffered health complications.

Although he started against Ferencváros in the LM’s 2nd qualifier final, the lýtkový sval didn’t last. A more than a month break followed, during which the 32-year-old offensive leader watched from the sidelines as his teammates progressed on the league and international stages.

Slovenian Bratislava has finally made it to the Conference League group and can now use the services of a restored cabin boss. Before heading to pôde Pjunika Yerevan with Vladimír Weiss Jr. for the second vystúpenie belasých in Group H. Share his views with Športu readers.

Captain Vladimir Weiss Jr. is back after injury, although he is not ready for the full-back load

How hard has it been for you lately, when you can’t play hard battles in the Euros or the league due to injury?

“It’s never easy when a player can’t help the team. I don’t know how to wait to return. I’m a firm believer that the injury will pass, but I’ll be free in the near future.”

Is the zdravotné patálie that got you out of the game definitely a thing of the past?

“Yes. The calf is worn out. The pain that was bothering me is completely gone.”

What exactly was bothering you and how did you gradually get back into the training process?

“I tore my calf muscle and tendon. The first few weeks I focused more on strength development, then I caught up with fitness. Now I can’t get up to speed, I have to gradually increase the load. I haven’t done it for the whole race yet be ready.”

Before the six-year offseason, the last time you played was Ferenvaros Budapest. It hurts you personally, if everyone goes to the club, the revenge against the Hungarian opponents has not been resolved for a long time?

“Yes, very much. Little sme dobe rozohrané, but sme nezvladli playing at home. What makes me sad more is that I am sad after the game, not only because of the loss, but also because of the injury. But that’s football. Sometimes you You’re going up, and sometimes you’re going down.”

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Vladimir Weiss Jr. injured in legal match in Champions League 2nd preliminaries ŠK Slovan Bratislava – Ferencváros Budapešť

Source: TASR

Subsequently, Sloven and Olympiacos Piraeus double match failed. Penaltový rozstrel So Zrinjski Mostar has brought a happy rozuzlenie. If you’ve been through these exciting European nights?

“I think they already deserve Olympiacos. It hurts better at home and outside. It’s another meal that makes us feel really cold. However, at the same time, we watch in this double game So, when we run, we fight, but we play with our heart and we can handle even a strong team like Olympiacos.”

Does Sloven have to qualify for the Euro Cup group stage? Senior coach Vladimir Weiss, your father, told the media after the successful match with Mostar that if this team hadn’t won, he probably wouldn’t have been sitting there…

“I know my dad very well, but if he said that, I think so. I’m glad we’ve done it. I can’t imagine finishing this season without European football. I think it’s not just important to him , is also important for the whole cabin and the club so that we can play in the Euros. We showed that, but now we have to fight in groups to stay in the game for as long as possible.”

It was a big boost for you after a long break, did you put in at least a few minutes of action against Žalgiris Vilnius (0:0) on Thursday?

“Honestly, a big rock fell from my heart. Although it was only a few minutes, mentally I needed to be ready for the game. Competitive sessions are always different from training. However, now I have to play with mierou Doze off zátež so I don’t stop. Muscle damage is always complicated, but often recurs.

Sloven had the upper hand in this fight and he created more chances. Bola preto bezgólová and kabíne vělje sklamanie draw? Did you ever think that you’ve already won three points in this duel?

“Of course, we already wanted to win. It hurts better, but we had three chances that we had to convert. Unfortunately, we didn’t score but everything was still open. We will have four points on the scoreboard before the Basel game.”

What kind of fight are you looking forward to in Pjunik Yerevan?

“It’s hard. But we’ll be ready for it.”

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Slovenia coach Vladimir Weiss senior coach. (Right), jeho zverenec and syn Vladimír Weiss Jr. sa objímajú po výhre in the Champions League preliminaries round 2 Budapest-Slovenia Bratislava

Source: TASR

Is it possible that you have already released in the base lineup?

“We’ll see, I don’t want to get ahead of myself.” But at the start of the game, I hadn’t seen it yet. Probably in Tenaf…”

Pjunik lost to Basel (1:3) in their first meeting of the group, so they still want to win. Znamena to, že to mohol boch aj Offensive fun fight, agree?

“Of course, already known, mine, aj domáchi pôjdu za vivitjem. Let’s see what the game itself brings.”

Still worth it in the Euros, Sloven played better away than at home. Why is this happening?

“I don’t know myself. It’s possible for the team and we already feel a greater responsibility to our fans at home. They’ve had a great season. I’m sure it will stay that way, but we will continue Enjoy our show.”

You’ve made it clear in a resignation letter: On Sunday, you’ll be taking a football holiday in the league because you’ll be playing against your biggest rival, Spartak Trnava. Are you looking forward to it?

“I’ve been looking forward to these games, but first of all we’re focused on Thursday. Only then can we switch to Trnava.”

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The Slovenian Bratislava captain was not fit until the first nomination of the new coach of the Slovenian national football team, Francisco Calzona. Vladimir Weiss Jr was lazy on the bench ahead of games against Azerbaijan and Belarus. We wonder if the Italian coach has communicated with him and explained to him why he is not on the shortlist, or if he is counting on his future.

“No, I haven’t been contacted yet. However, I accept non-nominations. Of course, even after the injury, I’m not 100 percent ready. We’ll see what the future brings,” He talked about the 77ers representing the national team.

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