His toe was amputated for playing football.Milan Prokop returns as team leader

member. He is a promising goalkeeper. He has two hobbies – football and music. This cost him his life in the first place, but changed his life forever.

He lost his nose at a very young age. Futbal istý chas chechmel ani vijeti, but gradually you find your way.

So much so that he has become a famous football figure in Zemplína.

After hesitating, you choose football

Milan Prokop is from the village of Ostrov in the far east of Slovenia, not far from the Ukrainian border. Since 1970 he has been involved in Sobraniec’s youth activities. About five years later, after returning from the army, he began to fight for the A-tím there.

“I asked the officials at the hometown club at the time if I could go there. However, my roommate did not want me to go. There was a regional championship, but teams like Poprad, Stará Ľubovňa, Svit and Kežmarok came here,” he recalled.

In addition to being a football player, he was a singer at the local church, but the coach gave him an ultimatum – football or music.

“I hesitated. I have a boyfriend and now a wife but don’t have many options. That’s what I told myself, thanks to football, maybe I’ll find some work and a place to live,” he explained.

Music goes sideways, zvíťazil football. Until that unfortunate game came.

Buď noha or he

It was written in September 1977. The Zemplín derby between Medzilaborce and Sobrance is underway in the east. Ironically, Milan Prokop had started as a striker in previous games, but this time he is back in his usual position – scoring goals.

Once again, the staff member stepped in, and he didn’t want to give up to Ostrov before. “He told me: you’re tall, go to the goal and you’ll bounce the ball. That’s how I go,” Milan said. I didn’t last long…

“I was on my right foot after the accumulated ball before šestnástky. The opponent’s attacker, I don’t even know what that was, attacked me. I ended up with an open fracture,” he described the unfortunate incident.

They took him to the Humenného hospital. However, there are complications. “I’m not a doctor, but then they told me that fractures that are already open should not go to a cast. Že sa má zafixovať a nachich vrne důcenať,” he continued.

In the morning he was in a cast, but two days later he was taken to Kosice with his right leg not looking good at all.

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