He excludes Sweden from the national team for a move to the Russian league

Bratislava. All players who decide to move to Russian clubs will be automatically excluded from the Swedish national football team.

This was announced in a statement by representatives of the Swedish Football Federation (SvFF), as reported by web sport.pl. This is a way of preventing players from making such decisions.

In the past, the Russian league was popular with Swedes due to its extremely high income. Currently, no Swedish footballers play in it.

Among the current Swedish representatives are Viktor Klaisen, Christopher Olsen and Jordan Larsen – son of the legendary Henrik Larsen – who have played in Russia in the past.

“Although the financial offer is very attractive, this decision should deter you from taking such measures. SvFF is well aware that even such a player cannot represent our country in the current situation, when Russia is launching a campaign against A fair war,” said SvFF President Karl-Erik Nilsson.

SvFF was inspired by the case of Norwegian representative Mathias Normann, who went to host Russian club Dinamo Moskva a few days ago.

Players will not wear Norway’s national team jersey, and coach Sol Bakken has stressed that his absence from the national team is not limited.

“As long as that’s the case, Norman will definitely not play for the team,” Solbakken said, adding that he was already surprised by the player’s selection.

A few weeks ago, representatives of Swedish and Finnish ice hockey took a similar step, announcing that players working in the Continental Hockey League (KHL) would have to go to the national team to receive an invitation. Later, they also decided to make such a decision in the Czech Republic or France.

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