Hancko scores as Sturm, Hamšík are demolished just after deadline

today 09:54

Slovenian footballer David Hanko scored his first goal against Fei Nord in Rotterdam. In the Europa League match, he helped the team beat Graz Storm 6-0 and scored the home team’s second goal in the 31st minute. In addition to the 24-year-old defender, another Slovakian, Marek Hamsik, also took part in scoring in the fourth round.

After Feyenoord won the championship, the Group F standings were tied after the second round. In addition to the Netherlands, Lazio Riem, Sturm and Midtjylland also scored three points each. Denmark unexpectedly beat Lazio 5-1 on Thursday. At the De Kuip Stadium, Feyenoord took the lead in the ninth minute, with Iranian striker Alizu Zahanbakhs being replaced. In the 31st minute, Hanko exchanged the ball with Ussam Idrisi on the left. His shot passed the defender, but the goalkeeper still had a “cradle”.

The home team scored a total of 4 goals before half-time and completed half a dozen after switching sides. “Polly not only has a lot of possession on the offensive end, but he also shows a lot of discipline on the defensive end. Especially the combination of scoring and playing good football, but not complicating the backcourt, this is the game the most important thing.” Feyenoord boss Arne Slot introduced it to the club website.

For Hank, this is the fifth time he has played in the colours of the Netherlands since his move to Sparta Prague. He played all games from the start, playing the entire 90 minutes in the last three games.

Marek Hamšík arrived to win Trabzonspor with a 2:1 win over Crvenou zvezda Belehrad. The Turkish maestro’s goal came in the 16th minute and the 35-year-old midfielder has been transferred for the first time this season and the 2022 calendar year. He previously played against Demir Sports Adana in the December 2021 league.

Against Serbia, Trezeguet scored with a header from the middle. The Egyptian then scored a second goal in the 68th minute. Five minutes before the decisive intervention, the Serbs chased the ousted King Konwa. However, domestic coach Abdullah Avic was not at ease with his team after the game.

Just in the weakened host, they reduced: “For most of the game we played well, we had the ball, we put pressure on the opponent, we defended with the ball, we closed in the middle, but we played wide. After the opponent sent -off Players left, we had more possession, but we conceded. Against 10 is not good for us. Whether the game continues at 11-11 or 11-10, even if it’s 3-0, you have to get it right every game moment because the opponent’s game is shaking. We saw that in tomto wrestle.

Hamsik kicked in the 61st minute before being replaced by Enisbaldi. The Slovenian footballer returned to the field last week after a month-long break during which he treated an injured calf.

“Trezeguet found me beautifully, I’m happy, I’ve taken my chance. I’m happy, I’ve scored. Most importantly, I can celebrate as usual. It’s been a tough time, this goal means a lot to me, it was a good night, we won, I scored a goal, what else can you like? We’re happy, we’ve won three points, Keep our great fans happy. Turkish League” Hamšík presents on his website.

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