Hamilton ‘praying’ race ends sooner as he is threatened by vynechanie VC Kanady

Baku – Seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton is at risk of missing the next Canadian Grand Prix in the MS F1 racing series. He finished fourth in Azerbaijan on Sunday but, in his own words, “prayed” the pain would end sooner.

Hamilton’s pain caused by bouncing of single post

british pilot Mercedes cause difficulties”bounce“Single-seater, many new-generation single-seaters suffer at higher speeds.

“I was in pain when I wasn’t sure if I could park my car on the lawn. It was the most painful, hardest experience I’ve ever had. My teeth were sore from the pain, adrenaline helped me, but I Can’t even describe the pain you feel here, especially in the cheeks. I’m just praying for it to end.” DPA agency cites 37-year-old Hamilton,Including Baku The whole problem is getting out of the cockpit. A tímový colleague of Jeho krajan called the new generation of monopolies dangerous and a “recipe for disaster”. George Russellfinished third on Sunday.

five Montreal The game will be played on Sunday, June 19th.alternating current Hamilton can’t ride Mercedes He has a Belgian at his disposal Stoffel Vandoornekóry póbosil dva roky v McLarenthe reigning champion of the Formula E series Nika German Frith and Netherlands.

“There’s definitely an opportunity here. It’s really bad, it’s not just the muscles, it affects the spine, which can have consequences. We have a reserve rider in every race,” the leader said toto Wolfe.


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