Golden State beats Memphis, ends dramatically in Milwaukee

05 Aug 2022 07:24

The Milwaukee basketball player edged out a 103-101 victory Saturday night to give Boston a 2-1 lead in the NBA Eastern Conference semifinal playoff series. Jannis Antetokounmpo shined in the defending champion’s jersey with 42 points and 12 rebounds.

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For the Celtics, Jaylen Brown had 28 points and Al Horford had 22 points and 16 rebounds. In dramatic finale, Marcus Smart deliberately didn’t change his penalty in a bid to get one more chance to finish, for extra time, he did, but Horford pushed the ball in after the final horn blew under the basket.

Boston lost by 13 points in the final quarter, but was able to end the matchup evenly. He led with one minute left, but Giannis Antetokounmpo passed the ball to Milwaukee with 44 seconds left to make it 101-100.

The two-time league MVP shot under 40 percent from the field in the first two matchups in the series, but shot 62.5 percent from two-point range in Game 3. “I can’t give you anything, but you have to stick to the right direction. I know what my strengths are. I try to read the game better and use my instincts,” Antetokounmpo told The Associated Press.

In the end, Smart made a free throw with 4.6 seconds left, betting 100:103. He converted the top six, but then the home team had a couple of chances to get the ball to the basket, but Smart, Robert Williams and even Horford all failed.

Head coach Ime Udoka ended up having a tough time with the referee. Smart had to make two more free throws because Jrue Holiday hit a touchdown on the rebound. “It was a foul. Marcus caught the ball but turned and shot. His feet were firmly on the ground, but he was pushed away. The whistle didn’t sound, but it was a mistake.” He complained to ESPN.

In the Western Conference game, Golden State players easily dealt with Memphis 142:112, leading 2:1. Stephen Curry scored 30 points for the winner and backup Jordan Poole had 27. Memphis was missing Ja Morant’s 34 points.

Eastern Conference Semifinals – Game 3:

Milwaukee-Boston 103:101

Most points: Antetokounmpo 42 (12 rpg), Holiday 25, Lopez 13 (10 rpg) – Brown 27 (12 rpg), Horford 22 (16 rpg), White 14

/Series Bet: 2:1/

Western Conference Semifinals – Game 3:

Golden State Warriors – Memphis 142:112

Most points: Curry 30, Poole 27, Thompson 21 – Morant 34, Bane 16, Jackson 15

/Series Bet: 2:1/

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